Restructuring of ZEAMARINE Group ongoing

The restructuring of ZEAMARINE Group continues. The German booking and operation offices represented by ZEAMARINE Bremen GmbH & Co. KG, ZEAMARINE Germany GmbH & Co. KG and ZEAMARINE Chartering GmbH now operate under court supervision in accordance with the creditor protection conditions....

1 thought on “Restructuring of ZEAMARINE Group ongoing”

  1. Good day, I am trying to collect the funds for balance due in the amount of $4969.84 (US DOLLARS) thru the DA-desk for the port expenses
    for the vessel ‘ZEA JAKARTA’ VOY# 1114 which discharged windmill blades
    at the PORT OF LAKE CHARLES, LA on FEB 7,2020 and sailed on FEB 8,2020.
    Please advise if you can assist me with collection of this outstanding balance.


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