ITF: COVID-19 Cannot be Used to Lower Wages for Ferry Workers

The ITF says that COVID-19 cannot be used as an excuse to lower the wage and working conditions of seafarers.

Despite the vital role that seafarers play in trade, some companies are seeking to use the pandemic to undermine national standards in the industry, including replacing existing crews with seafarers on international terms and conditions that are substantially lower than national conditions, says the ITF. 

“The pandemic cannot be used as an excuse for shipowners, managers or crewing...

Navis Releases Update to MACS3 Loading Computer Software

Navis, the leading provider of maritime software solutions for efficient and compliant cargo and vessel performance, today announced a major update in MACS3 Loading Computer Software for complying with the new amendments of the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code 2020. Implementing the newly amended IMSBC Code 2020 is mandatory on January 1, 2021.

Carrying solid bulk cargoes may pose a serious risk to ships and crews,  making it vital that bulk carriers meet the standards of...

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Donates Computing Power to COVID-19 Study

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has announced that it is dedicating its unused computing power to the Folding@Home Project (FAH), a distributed computing service that helps researchers simulate protein folding and movement in diseases like COVID-19. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented global impact, and when we learned about the unique Folding@Home initiative, we immediately knew we had to help,” said Oneil Khosa, CEO of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line. “We have an enormous amount of idle...

Seanergy Maritime: Νέα χρονοναύλωση με την Glencore για ένα επιπλέον πλοία Capesize

Νέα χρονοναύλωση με την Glencore για το Capesize M/V Knightship και επιπλέον επέκταση υφιστάμενης χρονοναύλωσης για το Capesize Μ/V Gloriuship ανακοίνωσε η εισηγμένη στο NASDAQ ναυτιλιακή εταιρεία, Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp.

Το πλοίο M/V Knightship είναι το τρίτο πλοίο που παραδίδει η εταιρεία σε χρονοναύλωση στην Glencore plc. Το τέταρτο τρίμηνο του 2019, η Seanergy είχε ήδη παραδώσει στην Glencore δύο Capesize του στόλου της, το M/V Premiership και το M/V Squireship με παρόμοιους όρους.