6 Key Actions to Manage Logistics and Supply Chain Disruptions

Major disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic caught supply chain and logistics operations off-guard. These six steps can speed your response to any crisis.

Logistics leaders are used to dealing with disruptions such as shipment delays or demand spikes. But when COVID-19 hit, they were blindsided.


Guido Secco
Author: Guido Secco

Bachelor of Business Administration with a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing & Finance in Florida Southern in the USA, Post Degree in Supply Chain Management. 18+ years of professional experience in the areas of Supply Chain, Foreign Trade and International Business. Professional in Management / Projects in Logistics and Supply Chain. MBA courses in Design Thinking, Harvard method of Negotiation, Social Media Marketing, Digital Transformation and Masterclass IEP by the European Institute of Posgrado. Certification by Linkedin in 1. Habilidades Laborales: Cadena de Suministro y Operaciones 2. La importancia de las Habilidades de Vida o Soft Skills, 3.Liderazgo con Inteligencia Emocional 4. Liderazgo Inclusivo 5. Persuadir a los demás 6. Agile Management

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