Elina Papageorgiou: The industry has only ‘scratched the surface’ of remote surveys’ possibilities

Lloyd’s Register’s UK and Ireland marine and offshore president says the ability to carry out surveys from afar is not new, but Covid-19 made it vital


1 thought on “Elina Papageorgiou: The industry has only ‘scratched the surface’ of remote surveys’ possibilities”

  1. A wake-up call for the Maritime and Offshore Industry and an exclaimed example of Classification Societies transformed to Commercially-oriented Corporations that substituted their “Mission” of Safety, Life and Environment with the New Mission of Business Development. Transition is made by remodeling services through adopting Business operational models led by continuous growth and profitability like every Commercial Corporation. Senior Executives are selected with commercial, financing, economics and business admin certificates. Such Class representatives for business development, who wear new white gloves on ships as visitors, ridiculously demote their Organization by expressing unqualified opinions of ignorance of the ship hardware. What appears to be the “SCRATCHED SURFACE” is the gruesome reality under the “charitable” status of major classification societies declaring themselves as NPOs and NGOs / tax- exempted organizations, abstaining from their declared mission and from any liabilities on services they offer.
    Do Insurance and Indemnity sellers and Asset Buyers entrust Commercially-led “Missionaries” as such? And do, really, Shipowners trust Class and Marine Services drones and desk-top exercises in deciding the purchase of their ships?


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