ABS Launches Eagle UnifiedTM: Cutting-Edge Structural Design Verification Software

  • ABS has unveiled Eagle UnifiedTM, a state-of-the-art structural design verification software tool that integrates over 100 user-requested features.
  •  This launch reflects ABS’s commitment to delivering advanced engineering capabilities and enhancing user experience in the maritime industry.
Features and Capabilities

Eagle UnifiedTM is designed to streamline vessel applications and provide a superior user experience. It offers support for multiple vessel types, with containership and LNGC...


Amogy ammonia-to-power solution gains ABS NTQ recognition

ABS has issued its New Technology Qualification (NTQ) for the innovative ammonia-to-electrical power system developed by Brooklyn, N.Y., headquartered Amogy.

The Amogy solution splits, or “cracks,” liquid ammonia into its base elements of hydrogen and nitrogen, funneling the hydrogen into a fuel cell generating high-performance power. The technology represents a sustainable, clean energy solution tailored for industries such as maritime shipping and power generation.

ABS granted the NTQ following...


ABS Wavesight names Staci Satterwhite COO

ABS-affiliated software-as-a-service company ABS Wavesight has appointed Staci Satterwhite to the newly created post of COO.

Most recently serving as the COO of Khoros, a Vista Equity Partners portfolio company, she holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering degree from the University of North Dakota and has extensive experience and knowledge in SaaS and digital transformation, having served as a core member on various executive teams.

In her new role at ABS Wavesight, Satterwhite is...


ABS releases methanol bunkering guidance

With an increasing number of operators adopting methanol fueling, a key component of the methanol value chain and the overall scalability of the fuel will be the ability to bunker methanol, either by truck-to-ship, ship-to-ship or land storage tank/terminal-to-ship, says ABS, which has just issued a new methanol bunkering advisory.

The new ABS Methanol Bunkering: Technical and Operational Advisory provides the maritime industry with insight into the challenges of bunkering methanol and...


ABS in new agreement with U.S. DOE

ABS and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are to collaborate on clean energy development in the maritime domain and decarbonization of maritime operations after signing a new memorandum of understanding (MOU).

The agreement between the DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) and ABS is designed to draw on experience and capabilities from both organizations to support emissions reduction initiatives that benefit the maritime industry.

“This new agreement allows ABS and the...


ABS awards ECOLOG industry-first LCO2 carrier ISM DOC

Athens-headquartered carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) specialist ECOLOG is moving ahead on its plans to build a fleet of LCO2 carriers. ABS has now awarded the company an industry first ISM Document of Compliance (DOC) for the operation of liquified CO2 carriers. The DOC was awarded on behalf of the Bermuda flag administration and was awarded after ABS audited ECOLOG to verify compliance with the International Safety Management Code.

ECOLOG, which like LNG carrier operator...


ABS leads innovative BlueBARGE cold ironing project

BlueBARGE concept

ABS is leading the BlueBARGE Project. Funded by the Horizon Europe program, it involves 14 partners from 10 European countries and is developing and testing a new way for ships docked in port to plug into electrical power, known as cold ironing, rather than using their onboard generators.

Other BlueBARGE consortium members are: Fundación Valenciaport, Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige Universitet; Hydrus Advanced Consolidated Engineering Services S.A; Aalborg Universitet; Elkon Elektrik Sanayi...


ABS boss foresees implementation of global carbon tax on shipping

ABS Chairman and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki conveyed the imminent implementation of a universal, global carbon tax on shipping, highlighting the emergence of alternative blue fuels incorporating carbon capture as a pivotal aspect of the maritime industry’s energy transition.

“We need to recognize that there is an intermediate step in the energy transition,” pointed out Christopher J. Wiernicki.

According to his statement, last year the conversations were focused on going from oil to a green...


MEPC 81: A global carbon tax on shipping is getting closer

As IMO’s MEPC 81 was going on in London last week, ABS Chairman and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki was telling a session of the CERAWeek energy conference in Houston that a universal, global carbon tax on shipping is coming, as alternative blue fuels made with carbon capture emerge as a critical step in the energy transition at sea.

“We need to recognize that there is an intermediate step in the energy transition,” he said. “Last year the conversations were focused on going from oil to a green...


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