Flawed propeller blade led to loss of propulsion on containership

The containership Maunalei underway before the loss of propulsion on August 11, 2022

A containership’s propeller blade cracked leading to a loss of hydraulic oil and propulsion while transiting the Pacific Ocean in an incident that occurred on August 11, 2022, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said earlier this week. The investigation found a blade on the vessel’s...


Alaska tour operator acquires fast catamaran

Chugach Express, Phillips Cruises and Tours' new sightseeing catamaran

Phillips Cruises and Tours of Anchorage, Alaska recently took delivery of a new fast aluminium catamaran built to a design by New Zealand-based naval architecture firm Teknicraft Design. Chugach Express will operate daily in Prince William Sound and will be based out of Whittier. Constructed to US...


Spill response barge delivered to Alaska operator

Allison Creek, an oil spill response barge operated by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Dakota Creek Industries (DCI) of Anacortes, Washington, recently handed over a new oil spill response barge to Alaska-based Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. Designed by the Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) of Seattle, the vessel has been named Allison Creek after a creek in Valdez, Alaska. The...


COLUMN | Safety culture matters: Pemex and Perenco on the wrong side of history [Offshore Accounts]

Offshore is one of the industries with the biggest risk profiles in the world. When bad things happen in offshore, people die, often there are explosions and sinkings, fires and oil spills, and the environment can be badly polluted, killing seabirds, fish, dolphins and coral, and inflicting...


New agreement calls for channel improvement works in Unalaska

The city government of Unalaska in Alaska and the US Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) Alaska District have entered into an agreement stipulating channel improvement works. The agreement requires both parties to provide a 600-by-600-foot (182-by-182-metre) dredged channel with a depth of minus 58...


16 states file suit challenging pause on LNG export permits

Led by Louisiana General Attorney General Liz Murrill, the attorneys general of 16 states have filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Louisiana challenging the pause on pending approvals of LNG export projects announced by the Biden administration in January.

Attorney General Murrill calls that move an “unlawful decision to ban new liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports.”

The State of Louisiana is joined in the suit by the States of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida,...


Alaska-based naval architecture firm to be under new ownership

The Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) of Seattle, Washington, has entered into a strategic partnership with Anchorage, Alaska-based naval architecture and marine engineering firm Coastwise Corporation wherein the latter will become a new division under EBDG. Coastwise Corporation has been rebranded as Coastwise Engineering. This division will continue to provide superior naval architecture services to […]

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Flooding into void space caused 2022 fishing vessel capsizing off Alaska, NTSB report reveals

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has determined that flooding into the lazarette, a compartment below the main deck, or port void (empty) space likely caused the purse seining vessel​ Hotspur to lose stability, capsize, and sink near Nunez Rocks, Alaska, on August 2, 2022. On the...


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