Diesel distancing propels alternative fuel options

Renewable natural gas, battery-electric and hydrogen-powered trucks all target fleets switching from diesel ahead of coming regulations requiring costly additional emissions after-treatment. Which alternative will win? Possibly all of them.

Vouchers make first Nikola fuel cell trucks ‘cheaper than a diesel’

Back in 2018, Anheuser-Busch placed an initial order for up to 800 Nikola fuel cell trucks. Ever so slowly, that is becoming a reality.

After numerous missteps and setbacks, Nikola produced 42...


Teamsters, Anheuser-Busch reach new 5-year contract

The contract agreement reached this week between the Teamsters union and Anheuser-Busch, averting a strike that could have begun Friday, calls for wage increases of $8 an hour over the five years of the deal. A $4-per-hour raise kicks in immediately.

Anheuser-Busch (NYSE: BUD) announced the deal late Wednesday. It awaits ratification in the coming days by approximately 5,000 workers across the company’s U.S. operations. 

The new contract also calls for a $2,500 ratification bonus.

As to whether...


Teamsters ousted at Dr Pepper Wisconsin, face off against Anheuser-Busch

The Teamsters have been ousted from representing a group of beverage drivers in Wisconsin while a much larger strike in the beverage world looms.

The union also ended a strike against U.S. Foods in recent weeks with a contract that even the Teamsters for a Democratic Union, a group within the union that is often critical of elected leadership, hailed as a victory. 

The events occurring in such a short period of time are testimony to the fact that the largest union representing transportation...


Could shuttered power plants become electric truck charging sites?

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Where will all the power come from to charge the electric trucks expected to someday dominate the...


Is Nikola counting too much on California for salvation?

Nikola Corp.’s ability to escape near-death experiences is being tested by shouldering the $61.8 million cost of repairing its fire-prone battery electric trucks. But California’s generous incentives for electric trucks may be a path to survival as the startup’s latest peril plays out.

“California is a state on the cutting edge of technology and has big tailwinds for the transition to zero-emissions trucking with both carrots and sticks from government incentives and regulations,” Nikola CEO...


Nikola brands hydrogen, begins filling Anheuser-Busch fuel cell order

Nikola Corp. is sending 15 hydrogen-powered fuel cell trucks to California in the fourth quarter. It’s the first step in fulfilling Anheuser-Busch InBev’s long-standing order for up to 800 of the zero-emission vehicles.

Separately, the startup electric truck maker also announced HYLA, a new brand, covering its hydrogen production, distribution and dispensing business. It plans 60 stations by 2026.

Keeping hydrogen business name simple

HYLA combines the first two letters of hydrogen with the last...


Embark autonomous and BYD electric trucks demo the future

Light blue BYD cabover in foreground. Blue Embark autonous truck in background preparing for a drop and hook of a trailer of HP Inc. computer printers.

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — Inside a gated parking lot adjacent to a metal scrap business and surrounded by fully grown palm trees, a demonstration of the future of drayage for autonomous trucks played out on a partly cloudy spring morning.

Autonomous software developer Embark Trucks brought one of its Peterbilt 579 sleeper cabs equipped for a supervised run to the Phoenix suburb of Tolleson, Arizona. A 53-foot trailer with a half-load of HP Inc. printers arrived in near silence except a toot of...


Beer me: Electric trucks move Budweiser to Super Bowl-area bars

Nikola hydrogen fuel cell and BYD Motors battery-electric trucks made beer runs to Los Angeles-area bars in advance of Sunday’s Super Bowl, a publicity stunt within a model of sustainable transportation delivery.

If it sounds familiar, the two companies teamed up to deliver suds to a St. Louis Blues hockey game in November 2019. Back then, the trucks were really early versions of those used this week. In fact, the Nikola Tre cabover daycab plying Interstate 405 wasn’t even planned for sale in...


Truck Tech: Taken for a ride edition

This week, Paccar whittles down its red tag inventory. Two Nikola hydrogen-powered fuel cell trucks take a test ride, but to where? Tesla shows multiple Semis but is mum on production.  Mack Trucks gets predictive with its automated manual transmission. And the best of the rest.

Red tag sale

Paccar Inc., the first automaker to build and park trucks during the semiconductor shortage, made some nice progress in whittling down its so-called “red tag” inventory in Q4. About 7,000 of 10,000 trucks...


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