Supply chain logjams hobbling smaller shippers

Recent commitments to move to 24/7 operations by transportation and shipping giants FedEx, UPS, Walmart, Home Depot and others are receiving a lot of support by the Biden administration but some smaller businesses feel left out.

“Having UPS and FedEx ramp up their delivery process doesn’t do a lot for the challenges we have with lumber and labor shortages that are handicapping our industry and creating a shortage of new houses,” home builder John Fowke, testifying on behalf of the National...

Supply chain gridlock dominates Sunday talk shows

Trucks moving containers through port gates.

The Biden administration is touting a 90-day industry push to help relieve freight gridlock at Southern California ports. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg acknowledged on Sunday, however, that consumers waiting for Christmas orders won’t see immediate results because improving the efficiency of maritime supply chains is a long-term process involving multiple stakeholders.

Federal officials began looking at expanded port hours early this year as part of a supply chain policy review, but...

How fast can LA clear out its ships?

Now that the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have moved to 24/7 operations, pressure is mounting to reduce the backlog of ships at anchor in San Pedro Bay.

But more coordination will be required among the links in the Southern California supply chain before that can happen. And with 25 more containerships filled with holiday inventory from Asia scheduled to anchor within the next three days, results have to come fast.

As part of the ports’ new 24/7 operating plan, instead of waiting for cargo...

Walmart boosting off-peak container processing in LA by up to 50%

Big-box retailers including Walmart, along with FedEx and UPS, have detailed plans to expand container operations at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to unclog a massive bottleneck at the country’s largest container terminal complex.

The details come ahead of a virtual meeting President Joe Biden is holding with port leadership and dock labor on Wednesday to discuss transportation challenges throughout the supply chain.

“Unlike leading ports...

Biden administration pushing shippers, carriers to expand operating hours

Big-box retailers and their rail- and truck-carrier partners are the next targets of a more round-the-clock operating regime being coordinated by the Biden administration to help solve the supply chain capacity crisis gripping the country.

John Porcari, tapped in August by President Joe Biden as port envoy to the administration’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, told a meeting of exporters on Thursday that over the next 90 days he will work to expand the operating strategy that began in...

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