142 Lena Gothberg, Host and Producer of the Shipping Podcast – 5 year anniversary

Tada! It’s been going on for 5 years! The Shipping Podcast was a forerunner when started July 31st, 2015 and since then 150 guests have been talking about what’s at the top of their minds and things they are passionate about.

Lena has gone back to listen to what some of the guests replied when asked: “How can the shipping industry become more visible?”

Listen to Jonathan Wichmann, Kate D Adamson, Anna Larsson, Anne H. Steffensen, Patrik Dahlgren and Giovanni Colotto and what they replied to the...


Nicola Good, Head of Brand and External Relations, Marine & Offshore, Lloyd’s Register

Nicola Good, a maritime communicator, used to work as a maritime journalist for some 20 years but have now swopped to be the Head of Brand and External Relations at Lloyd’s Register Marine & Offshore department. What is the difference?

How do we become more visible to the general public, how many times have you heard me put that question to my guest? A hundred? Well, Nicola is actually able to give some good advice and she is also coming up with some explanations on why we are stuck where...


“Contemporary Minoans” in fashion, gastronomy and arts travel from Crete to London

Illustration by Alexandra Bissa

“Contemporary Minoans” in fashion, gastronomy and arts travel from Crete to London

Distinguished academics and designers from Europe come together at the Museum of London to showcase the everlasting influence of the Minoan culture at the global contemporary creation scene (fashion, gastronomy, music, art).

This high-level cultural event “Contemporary Minoans|Cretan culture, source of inspiration” is organised at the initiative of Cultural Organisation Branding...


Joanne Kelleher, Corporate Communications Advisor at Jumbo

Time to Rock the Boat? Leadership in the maritime industry – what dominates, what is desired?

Joanne Kelleher studied at the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and in her Master’s degree study she asked 37 Maritime Professionals what they want from their industry leaders and got some interesting results. Joanne shared her insights in an article on LinkedIn, which I found very interesting, so I decided to try and meet Joanne for an interview and she agreed and that is what we speak about in this...