[Watch] Tanker & Bulker Collided, Both Seriously Damaged


A brand-new product tanker collided with Greek bulk carrier in Manila Bay 3 nm north of Cavite City, at 2150 LT (UTC +8) Apr 7, in the Manila anchorage area, reports Maritime Bulletin. 

What happened?

The new product tanker reportedly was leaving anchorage, she arrived there in the morning Apr 7 from Thailand Gulf of Siam, probably to get supplies or carry out crew change, with cargo of gasoline on board, though obviously, she’s only partially loaded. 

The bulk carrier was en route from Kalimantan...


Cargo Ship Collision, 17 Missing

A bulk carrier collided with local fishing vessel at around 1645 WIT (UTC +7) Apr 3 northeast of Jakarta, West Java, Java sea, reports TOI.

What happened?

A collision between bulk carrier and a fishing boat left 17 people missing off  Indonesia’s main island of Java, officials said Sunday.

The vessel, which was loaded with crude oil from Borneo island, was moored after its propeller got caught in the fishing net.

The fishing boat with 32 aboard capsized after hitting the Indonesian bulk carrier.



Bulk Carrier Collision Leaves Defense Sub ‘Battered’

A Japanese submarine collided with a commercial ship as it attempted to surface off the country’s Pacific coast on Monday, reports Sputnik News.

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Submarine collides with commercial vessel

On Monday, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force reported that its diesel-powered attack submarine, Soryu, had collided with a commercial vessel off Cape Ashizuri on the southern island of Shikoku.

According to Kyodo News Agency, the submarine’s “antenna mast and...


Pilotage Claims Surpass US$1.8b in the Last Two Decades

Claims arising from incidents involving vessels under pilotage have exceeded US$ 1.8 billion in the 20 years between 1999 and 2019, reports data by the International Group of P&I Clubs (IG Clubs).

Vessel pilotage

In a new report, IG Clubs records 1,046 such incidents in this period and each incident gave rise to P&I liabilities in excess of US$ 100,000.

The report has been prepared by the IG, in response to concerns expressed by the IG Clubs’ shipowner Boards of Directors, to understand the...


Bulk Carriers Collide While Maneuvering

Bulk carrier collided with another bulk carrier in Kaohsiung Harbor on Dec 9, reports Maritime Bulletin.

What happened?

Bulk carrier NEW SILK ROAD 1 collided with bulk carrier LUCKY PIONEER in Kaohsiung Harbor in the afternoon Dec 9.  Both ships were under way, maneuvering while the collision happened.

Damages reported

NEW SILK ROAD 1 struck LUCKY PIONEER stern with her bow, both ships sustained damages. 

Both the ship’s were berthed for survey and investigation.

About the bulk carriers



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