Rail freight parties to establish foundation for digitised transport

Nineteen rail freight parties signed a partnership agreement on 7 April to launch a foundation, which will be under the leadership of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, aiming to further accelerate the growth of digitisation and data sharing in rail transport sector.

The foundation is estimated to be laid in the next two years, according to a statement, and will be comprised of the following parties from the rail freight sector: Contargo, CTT Rotterdam, Danser, DB Cargo Nederland, DistriRail,...


Good news, bad news ‘and even worse news’ from congested Euro ports

The knock-on effects of the blockage of the Suez Canal is likely to impact North Europe supply chains until June.
Container hub ports that used the week-long lull from ship arrival delays to prepare their landside facilities for the box onslaught are now “full to the brim”, according to a carrier source.
Container lines have discharged Asian imports wherever they can to turn ships around in North Europe as quickly as possible …

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Contargo prepares for the next extreme summer

Contargo announces that June 2019 was the hottest June on record since the collection of weather statistics first began in 1881. “A sign that – as in 2018 – we might be in for another long, hot summer, with weeks of drought and low water on the Rhine,” Contargo says.

Since autumn 2018, container hinterland logistics network Contargo has taken the precautionary measure of having four barges in its fleet modified so that they have 10-15 cm more water beneath the keel in very low water conditions.



E-truck put into use in German box terminal

German container hinterland logistics company Contargo on Monday, May 6, put its first electronic truck (e-truck) into use in Duisburg Intermodal Terminal (DIT), a logistics hub of the world’s largest inland port, namely Duisburg port in West Germany.

For the first time, DIT uses an e-truck for delivery and collection of containers at different loading places within a radius of 40 kilometers.

Driven by 210 kW electric motor, the truck, with maximum permissible weight of 37 tons, can make around...


No easing of Europe’s barge congestion, despite upgraded traffic system

Delays of more than a day are still plaguing northern Europe’s inland waterways after attempts to address the issues failing to have an impact.
Last May, the port of Antwerp announced an upgraded barge traffic system (BTS) as it sought to alleviate the congestion that had gripped it and Rotterdam for more than two years.
One source today told The Loadstar the new BTS had failed to deliver the expected improvements.
“This is not …

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Barge operators hit by new charges as Rhine water levels sink to new lows

Barge operators have been hit by water levels along the Rhine being at their lowest in almost a century, following a prolonged drought.
One source told The Loadstar the water at Bingen was so low “one could cross the German river by foot, something never seen before”.
The source added: “Duisburg has been out of reach for six days, and operators have cancelled charter shipments on many barges.
“Contargo alone moves approximately 50,000 containers a month on around …

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