Passenger Dies After Testing COVID-19 Positive Aboard Carnival Cruise

carnival cruise

A passenger aboard the Carnival Vistas cruise vessel tested COVID-19 positive and later passed away in Oklahoma. Twenty-seven people aboard the Carnival Vista cruise ship have tested Covid-19 positive in two weeks from late July and early August 2021.

Of the 27 total people who tested COVID-19 positive, 26 of them were crew members of the Carnival cruise vessel. This stands as the highest COVID-19 positive case after the restart of cruise sailing activities in June.

Marilyn Tackett, a native of...

InterManager members double onboard oxygen provision after life-threatening incidents

Shipmanagers have pledged to go above and beyond international maritime regulatory requirements in their onboard provision of medical oxygen – to be better able to save the lives of crew at sea. The move follows a life-threatening scenario when a seafarer suffering from Covid-19 almost died during...

China bulker pileup dwarfs California container-ship gridlock


Container vessels stuck at anchor off California are grabbing the headlines. But there’s another massive shipping traffic jam out there, one that’s holding up even more cargo.

This other, less-publicized tale of seaborne gridlock is set in China and it’s not about container ships, it’s about dry bulk carriers.

Bulker congestion has now risen to historic highs as China enforces stricter COVID rules for arriving vessels. And what happens in China will be felt in America. Every bulker stuck at...

World’s Third-Busiest Port Remains Shut For The Sixth Day

Port of ningbo

Operations in Ningbo Meishan Port Terminal – the third busiest port globally, remains partially halted for the sixth consecutive day after a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

As per AIS data from VesselsValue, around 50 container vessels anchor near Ningbo-Zhoushan Port. It is amid escalating concerns over the port shutdown bring a trade disruption from the area.

Since last Wednesday, the Port’s authority hadn’t published any update when it ceased all its inbound and outbound container...

China Partly Stops World’s Third-Busiest Container Port Fearing Spread Of Covid-19

Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan

China partly shut down a terminal at the world’s third-busiest port after a worker had tested positive for Covid-19, raising fears of disrupting global trade.

Per a statement on a port’s electronic data platform, until further notice, all outbound and inbound container services at the Meishan terminal of Ningbo-Zhoushan port had been partially paused from 11 August.

The Eastern Chinese city government has reportedly said that a container terminal employee at the port had tested positive for...

Low Vaccination Rate Found Among Seafarers; Only 15.3% Of Seafarers Have Been Vaccinated

Row Covid-19 or Coronavirus vaccine flasks on white background

Covid-19 vaccinations of seafarers are critical in solving the crew change crisis. Hence, as of August 2021, the Neptune Declaration Crew Change Indicator has been expanded to include the aggregate percentage of seafarers who have been vaccinated. Data from August shows that only 15.3% of seafarers have been vaccinated.

In comparison, the share of the population fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in large shipping nations in Europe, North America and Asia are at around 50%. This shows that...

Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Venezuela and Latvia reported as hardest countries for crews to secure vaccines

The Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Venezuela and Latvia have been identified by top shipmanagers as the areas with the largest challenge in securing the supply of Covid-19 vaccines. The five countries were picked out by 10 large global shipmanagers who are providing data for the the Neptune...

28 Crew Members Of A Passenger Ship In Batangas Test COVID Positive

PH coastguard

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on Monday has reportedly said that 28 crew members of a cargo ship that had been anchored off the Batangas province tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

The PCG has said that it had constantly been supervising the roll-on and the roll-off vessel St. Anthony de Padua when 28 of 82 members of the crew tested positive for Covid-19.

When the vessel reached Bauan Bay, Batangas on Aug 7 after travelling from Aklan, a crew member started experiencing COVID-19...

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