Germany Expands Crude Import Options For This Reason

  • Diversification to grow as EU sanctions, Rosneft takeover looms
  • Germany laps up Canadian, Libyan, Saudi crudes in recent months
  • Rosneft plant buyout to throw focus on Polish import route

A recent Platts news source states that Germany broadens crude import horizons as Russian flows dry up.

Europe’s biggest oil consumer

Germany, Europe’s biggest oil consumer, has more than doubled its sources of imported crude in recent months, according to shipping data, as its refiners increasingly hunt for...

Who is Willing To Take the Greater Fall in the Trade War?

  • China’s plan to put tariffs on U.S. crude oil shows it is willing to take more economic pain in the trade war than some in the markets have expected.
  • China’s proposed tax on oil could hurt margins at its own refineries.
  • The U.S. exports light sweet crude, a grade of oil that is expected to be in greater demand from refiners making lower sulfur shipping fuel, which will be mandated starting early next year for the world’s shipping industry.

According to analyst Merrill Lynch, an analyst for the...

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