171 Hans Hederström, Consultant, Marine Consultancy Group

Meet Mr Maritime Simulator himself and learn all about Bridge Resource Management, BRM

People don’t like change. Famous words of the interviewee in this episode, Hans Hederström, Consultant, Marine Consultancy Group.

Listen to Captain Hederström and the impact he has had on the development of maritime safety and especially Bridge resource management. We get to hear the story of how the Center for Simulator Maritime Training, CSMART, in Almere, the Netherlands, came about and how that was a dream...


170 Frank Relou, Business Development and Commercial Manager, Sea Machines Robotics EMEA

How can the latest tech help us change the maritime industry?

In episode 170, an interview I did IRL, you meet Frank Relou, Business Development and Commercial Manager, Sea Machines Robotics EMEA, who came to Gothenburg on his business trip. I had the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss autonomous shipping, AI and Internet of Things, among other things.

When can we expect autonomous ships? Can the sailing fleet be retrofitted to become autonomous? How do we attract young people to our...


168 Agneta Dahl, Director, Exercises & Preparedness, NJ Resources, Inc.

Pollution protection from shipping and contingency planning

Meet Agneta Dahl, a Certified Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP) and an expert in incident management and risk assessment who actually get paid to create mayhem. 

Agneta is passionate about the ocean and everything therein. She started her career in medical school, went into research and, like most of the people in the maritime industry, stumbled into this fascinating world. Agneta joined the US Coast Guard and worked with marine...


ClassNK expands scope of Innovation Endorsement

ClassNK expands scope of Innovation Endorsement

Supporting innovative technologies and initiatives in the area of digital, environment, safety, and labor

Tokyo  Leading Classification Society ClassNK has expanded the scope of its Innovation Endorsement, the third-party certification service tailored to innovative technologies and initiatives. Through third-party certification, ClassNK supports innovations related to environment, safety, and labor as well as the existing service for digital....


Benefits for all: How standardisation is bridging container shipping’s digital divide

The digital revolution has changed the way the world does business. That change has been more evident and more rapid than ever before over the past year as all industries grapple with the challenges of COVID-19. Container shipping is no exception to the digital revolution, but the pace and benefits of that change have not always been equally felt by all participants.

On the one hand, carriers, ports and terminals are making enormous use of technology to fast-track their operations and boost...


Help wanted: Manufacturers look to rapidly scale digital e-commerce channels

As more manufacturing businesses realize the importance of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, many are still lacking when it comes to digital marketing and sales programs.

According to a PwC survey, 66% said implementing digital marketing and sales over the next two years is a business priority; 40% said it is a top business challenge. Few manufacturers, though, have robust e-commerce platforms.

Robert Bono, industrial manufacturing practice leader for PwC, said the challenges are nearly...


161, Marina Hadjipateras, Founder & General Partner, TMV

Welcome to the 161st episode of the Shipping Podcast, in which you will be listening to Marina Hadjipateras, Founder & General Partner, TMV, an early-stage venture capital fund.
Marina is second-generation Shipowners who now is investing in sustainability, shipping, logistics, work and care. She is looking for start-ups interested in the maritime industry but may not understand the business. Examples of companies that Marina has engaged in are Nautilus Labs and Transmute

We discuss what impact...


160 Fenna van de Merwe, Principal Consultant and Discipline Lead in Human Factors, Safety, Risk & Reliability, DNV – Maritime Advisory

Are there risks involved when systems are becoming complex? Have you taken a new approach to evaluate the new risks appearing when moving into the digital world?

Meet Fenna van de Merwe has led the writing of the White Paper from DNV called Closing the gap in an era of transformation.

It intends to guide maritime stakeholders to control and mitigate these risks and put them in a better position to make informed decisions about achieving and maintaining smarter and carbon-neutral shipping.

Fenna is...


159 Anthony Day, Blockchain Partner, Global Business Services, IBM Ireland Ltd

What will a Digital Health Pass mean for Seafarers?

During the pandemic, we have seen a crew change crises. Seafarers have not been able to travel between the ships that constitute their workplace and their country of residence due to travel restrictions.

High-level meetings have been taking place, aiming to get seafarers designated as “key-workers”, which would lead to exemption from specific COVID-related travel restrictions and make it possible for the 200,000 stranded seafarers to become...


154 Reshma Nilofer, Maritime Pilot, Kolkata Port Trust, India

Welcome to the 154th episode of the Shipping Podcast with Reshma Nilofer, the first female maritime Pilot in India and one of few in the world. Reshma takes us on a journey on how to reach your dream goals. She is a powerful woman and a role model to many.

Reshma Nilofer was the first female maritime river pilot, and the current Indian President awarded her with the “Woman Power Award” in 2018. The Woman Power Award is an annual award given by the Ministry of Women and Child Development of...


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