3 Ways Retailers Can Get on the Fast Track to Digital Transformation

Retailers can use these three practical tips to successfully execute their digital transformation:

Make digital moves your strategy centerpiece: Develop a mobile and web commerce initiative right away. Assume people are using your app or web commerce interface for the first time. This is because the number of new users is vastly increasing as a result of the pandemic. To speed time to market, utilize standard approaches for logging in and registering users, shopping carts, and payment methods.


Amer Mohammed, CDO/CIO, Board member, Advisor and Speaker

Listen to Amer Mohammed, former Head of Digital Transformation at Stena Line and now the CDO of Cap Gemini in Scandinavia and how he sees the shipping industry. 

With a background from the gaming industry and a fearless attitude on how to get things done, Amer is not the usual employee in a shipping company and that might be the secret sauce for his success at Stena.

We hear about World of Warcraft, start-ups, IT-departments, mission statements, transformation, digitalisation, open source,...


Nir Gartzman, Co-Founder, theDOCK innovation hub

Invited by the Opening Oceans Conference, a new initiative by NOR-Shipping to help realize the potential of the ocean space, I met Nir Gartzman, from theDOCK innovation hub, who was invited to participate in the Nordic ThinkTank session.

Nir has an interesting background, he is a Chief Engineer and an Israeli navy officer who has spent the last 10 years in the high-tech & the clean-tech sector in Israel when his passion for the maritime industry made him focus on the digital arena and co-found...


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