Danelec Marine and Veracity by DNVGL combine strengths to drive maritime digitalization

Mikkel Skou, Director of Veracity, DNV GL – Digital Solutions

Danelec Marine and Veracity by DNVGL combine strengths to drive maritime digitalization

Danelec Marine (Danelec) and Veracity by DNV GL (Veracity) have signed a pilot agreement to enable new maritime use-cases; combining the strengths of DanelecConnect’s onboard data capture capabilities and Veracity’s eco-system and platform architecture.

Danelec is a leading manufacturer to the maritime industry of Voyage Data Recorders, Electronic...


DNVGL Sponsors Mission to Seafarers Flying Angel Campaign

  • In recognition of the ongoing crisis affecting seafarers during the COVID-19 pandemic, DNV GL has joined the Mission to Seafarers Flying Angel Campaign as a Gold sponsor.
  • The sponsorship will be used to help fund the development of the Seafarers Happy-at-Sea App, which helps track seafarer welfare, book chaplain visits and order medicine.
  • Overall, the campaign has raised £600,000 from 18 maritime organisations for the Mission.

DNV GL supports Mission to Seafarers Flying Angel Campaign, says...


MAN, Corvus Energy And DNVGL Unveils HYCAS Study on Hybrid Power Generation

  • MAN Energy Solutions, Corvus Energy, and DNV GL revealed the HYCAS report for cost-effectiveness for hybrid power solutions.
  • The new report has highlighted the benefits of hybrid power solutions in the wake of regulations concerning greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • The study has analyzed the potential of using batteries in a container feeder vessel, to assess if it is possible to both reduce emissions and save operational costs.
  • The study explored two vessels, one built in 2020 with a 500kWh...


Tectonic Shifts in Shipping Make Safety More Vital Than Ever

  • As the shipping industry is increasingly embracing technology, the safety of the maritime industry has taken a backseat according to DNV GL.
  • The shift has been in three areas – shifts in the market; shifts in regulations; and shifts in technology.
  • Stress has been placed on the industry being aware of the these challenges and to embrace new opportunities and to also to unlock its potential.
  • DNV GL has created a holistic safety management system, which integrates the human, organizational and...


Emilie Christiansen, Legal Counsel, Group Legal – Region Europe and Africa DNVGL

It’s energising to meet young people and listen to what they have to say! What does the Millenials value in the workplace? Who do they want to work for and with?

Meet Emilie Christiansen, former President of YoungShip, she actually stepped down as late as March 2, 2019, and handed over the rein to Ingvild Nordhaug. You see the new Board of YoungShip International here: http://www.youngship.com/contact/ 

We cover so many interesting topics in this episode and here are some links that I promise in...


Sofia Fürstenberg Stott, Business Development Manager, Nor-Shipping

Meet a true Scandinavian, a female leader from Sweden, living in Denmark and working for a Norwegian company, meet Sofia Fürstenberg Stott, Owner of Fürstenberg Maritime Advisory and Business Development Manager at Nor-Shipping

With a background as a Chemical Engineer, she has already spent time in many of the well-known organisations in the maritime industry, such as DNV(GL), Maersk and now Nor-Shipping. She is a force to be reckoned with and she has a very special talent for making visions...


Bjørn K. Haugland, Executive Vice President and the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) in DNV GL Group

Bjørn K. Haugland is a Naval Architect who got the sustainability perspective when he lived in China a few years ago. He started in the oil & gas industry and then worked with quality assurance of marine operations for a couple of years, but when he saw the environmental challenges his social interest became his focal point and today Bjørn is the Chief Sustainability Officer in the entire DNV GL Group.

We discuss the changes to the industry today, how innovative the maritime industry is but how...


Synne Marie Mossevig, Consultant, Maritime Advisory, Environmental Technology and Compliance, DNVGL

What are the implications and costs of regulations? How can public procurement be used to reduce the environmental footprint? 

You need to listen to Synne Marie Mossevig, who works with these issues at DNVGL in Olso. We talk about the impact of regulations, what and who influences the regulators and dives into the “usual questions” about visibility, #nextgen & the future of the #shipping industry.

You don’t want to miss this! Download, subscribe & listen – that’s the mantra. Please help me spread...

Full: https://shippingpodcast.com/synne-marie-mossevig-consultant-maritime-advisory-environmental-technology-and-compliance-dnvgl/

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