FreightWaves Carrier Summit: Future of CDL training (with video)

Photo of Don Lefeve and Brad Ball during fireside chat at FreightWaves Carrier Summit

COVID-19 has turned the world of truck driver training upside down, according to Brad Ball, president of Roadmaster Drivers School and Career Path Training Corp.

Ball told Don Lefeve, president and CEO of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA), that Roadmaster schools are operating at less than 70% of pre-COVID enrollment. Ball and Lefeve sat down for a virtual fireside chat during the FreightWaves Carrier Summit on Wednesday.

Ball said smaller class sizes due to social distancing...

Reefer Crisis Mounts As Coronavirus Traps Drivers!

  • Coronavirus lockdown traps drivers, leaving reefers stranded and a plug shortage.
  • Terminal operations and pick-up of inbound containers in China has been slow. 
  • Reefer boxes in transit to Shanghai or Tianjin might be re-routed for transhipment.
  • To cover the additional cost of re-routing the cargo, a congestion surcharge of $1,000 per container will be applied.
  • So far only 20% of factories have successfully resumed production, and it is expected to reach over 50% by next week.
  • This reefer...

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