DSV wins Climate Strategy Award: “Frontrunner in the industry”

DSV wins Climate Strategy Award: “Frontrunner in the industry”

Jens Bjørn Andersen

DSV is awarded this year’s Climate Strategy Award, which was personally handed over to Group CEO, Jens Bjørn Andersen, at a ceremony in Copenhagen Wednesday. The award is given to a Danish company that acts strategically and ambitiously and distinguishes itself when actively working with climate change.

Wednesday afternoon, at a ceremony in Copenhagen hosted by EY in Denmark and the Danish Chamber of Commerce, DSV...


A Great Year For Digital Ocean Freight

If suppliers in China fail to pick up freight containers to fill an order for MediaShop, Marcel Schneider gets an alert via a digital freight system, allowing the retailer to reach out and fix the problem swiftly, reports Reuters.

‘Lost sales’

Before July 2020, Austria-based MediaShop’s deputy supply chain director says he would discover problems in his supply chain only when containers failed to arrive in Hamburg as scheduled.

“It was like being in a tunnel where you had only a limited view of...


M&A radar: Base case – DSV Panalpina, the next target of DSV Panalpina

Certain private exchanges ahead of what is arguably a defining week for the staggering stock market tale of DSV Panalpina (DSV PAN) are priceless.
What’s at stake
Play up expectations again when the interims come out next Tuesday, without acting promptly (February 10: this should ring a bell), and shareholder value is at risk.
Try to convince the rest of the T&L world and investors that you know how to play the organic …

The post M&A radar: Base case – DSV Panalpina, the next target of DSV...


Market Insight: Who’s really behind the multi-billion dollar claim against DSV?

The lawsuit against DSV, in which the Danish forwarder is potentially on the hook along for several billions of dollars in damages, has taken an interesting twist.
(Our previous coverage is here, background; and here)
A quick recap
Last year, North American Sugar Industries filed a lawsuit claiming that DSV (now DSV Panalpina), along with BBC Chartering, had used a port it had owned in Cuba, but which was expropriated by the Cuban government …

The post Market Insight: Who’s really behind the...


DSV expands air freight capacity with new intercontinental air charter routes

DSV expands air freight capacity with new intercontinental air charter routes

DSV introduces three new intercontinental routes connecting five continents in order to accommodate customer demands in a global air freight market affected by lack of capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 continues to impact global trade and movement of goods for companies all over the world. Consequently, airports around the world are facing significant cargo congestion, and customers are facing a...


M&A radar: DSV Panalpina – $5bn of added value on a nuisance

Quick and dirty: there are things that are occasionally joyful and disturbing to watch, and one of them in the past few days has been the share price action of DSV Panalpina (DSV PAN).
Which, on the day the Danish 3PL reported solid annual results last week, Wednesday 10 February, was little changed, yet as soon as the bullish M&A remarks of management were digested (the day after) started to rally …

The post M&A radar: DSV Panalpina – $5bn of added value on a nuisance appeared first on The...


DSV’s appetite for M&A ‘bigger than ever’ after a strong year

DSV’s appetite for M&A is “bigger than ever” and it is “ready for new adventures” this year.
Chief executive Jens Bjørn Andersen told investors DSV would be much more active this year, with potential targets that “we are excited about”.
“In an ideal world we’d wait a little to digest Panalpina, but there is also a need to be opportunistic”, he said as DSV Panalpina announced “another strong year” with “excellent results”.
Full …

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Market Insight: DSV Panalpina – time to call Mærsk

The day ‘United Copenhagen A/S’ reminded the logistics universe where the capital of the world actually stands, the proud captains praised their teams, talked up their achievements, rightly so, humbly asking us to prepare for more via their prepared remarks.
But yes, it happened: the Chinese stole their thunder.
1 to 1  
One, the asset-light alligator, said:

“Thanks to an extraordinary effort by our staff, we delivered excellent results across all our divisions …

The post Market Insight: DSV...


Supply chain radar: DSV Panalpina – ‘absolutely beautiful’

After last week’s action, the usual Monday update from DSV Panapina (DSV PAN) concerning weekly buybacks was significantly less entertaining, let alone relevant, than the latest insider talk about its upcoming numbers due next Wednesday, 10 February.
Also, some of you may have read another (typically ordinary) 22 January announcement ahead of results– subject: 2020 annual report analyst conference call… “a webcast and conference call will be held at 13:00 CET” – perhaps spotting...


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