Singapore’s First Hybrid-electric Pilot Boat Delivered

Singapore recently received its first hybrid powered ship, a 15-metre, 12-pax aluminium pilot boat named as “Penguin Tenaga,” reports Safety4sea.

Zero emission class notation

The vessel is developed, owned and operated by Penguin, while is certified by Bureau Veritas with a “ZE” (zero emission) class notation and is capable of running in pure electric mode at 5 knots for more than 30 minutes. In conventional diesel mode, the vessel can reach a maximum speed of 24 knots.

As explained, the solar...

Wind Assisted Propulsion for Fuel Cost & Emission Cut

Wind propulsion is gaining attraction again by IMO’s decarbonization plans, says an article published in DNV GL website.

Advanced aerodynamics science in combination with computer technology has produced a number of technologies that do not require large crews and have demonstrated significant potential.

The basic principle

The basic principle used by all the sail types is that the wind hits the leading edge of the sail, splitting into two separate flows which are redirected and travel towards the...

Rigged Commercial Vessel Could Reduce 30% Emissions

An appropriately rigged commercial vessel could achieve savings of fuel and reduce emissions by at least 30% per year, says an article published in Safety4Sea.

Extensive testing

Test results

The University of Southampton conducted extensive testing at the Wolfson Unit and confirmed that an appropriately rigged commercial vessel could achieve savings of fuel and reduce emissions by at least 30% per year.

Performance predictions analyzed

The Wolfson Unit report analyzed performance predictions...

How MBM Can Assist IMO’s Initial GHG Strategy

A new report, published by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and commissionned by Danish Maritime Authority, provides an overview and discussion of potential Market Based Measures under IMO’s Initial GHG Strategy, under a relevant DMA-DTU project on Market Based Measures (MBMs), reports Safety4Sea.

 GHG reduction programs  

In this context, some related developments are also seen as directly relevant to the scope of the project, mainly in the context of the possible inclusion of shipping...

BIMCO Promotes JIT Arrival Concept for Efficient Shipping

  • BIMCO new clause will promote JIT arrival concept in the bulk sector for efficient shipping.
  • The new clause creates a contractual framework to overcome the primary obstacle to just in time arrivals.
  • JIT Arrival Clause for Voyage Charter Parties gives charterers the right to ask owners to optimise the ship’s speed to meet a specified arrival time.

In a bid to encourage wider adoption of just in time (JIT) arrival principles in the bulk sector, BIMCO has published a new clause for voyage charter...

Wärtsilä To Provide Predictive Maintenance for Siem Offshore Vessels

The technology group Wärtsilä has signed a Wärtsilä Optimised Maintenance Agreement covering two offshore Well Intervention Vessels owned by Norway based Siem Offshore, reads the company website.

Optimization of fuel consumption 

The 5-year agreement will ensure the optimal maintenance required to reduce the vessels’ fuel consumption and emissions by utilising the latest digital technology to provide real-time monitoring and support.

The agreement, which was signed in December 2020, also covers...

Cargill Trials Wind Sail Technology on Bulk Carrier

A wind energy project for ships has taken a step forward as the technology is to be installed on a Kamsarmax dry bulk carrier, reports Ship & Bunker.

Rigid wind sails

Commodities trader Cargill formed a partnership with Bar Technologies and Deltamarin to develop the rigid wind sails that are located on a vessel’s deck.

Equipment to harness wind power

A Kamsarmax bulk carrier operated by Cargill is to be fitted with the innovative equipment, according to maritime news provider Tradewinds. The 45...

New Initiatives Are Now Following The Poseidon Principles To Help With Decarbonization

It’s the moment climate finance professionals live for: when an idea — an initiative — is turned into real-world action by real-world actors. A year after the Poseidon Principles were signed, 15 banking signatories last month disclosed their ship loan portfolios’ climate alignment scores for 2019, reports GreenBiz.

Progress in the Global shipping sector 

The release of the inaugural “Poseidon Principles Climate Alignment Report” allows us to reflect on the progress the financial sector has...

Korea Shipbuilding Clinches $529m Deal for 7 Vessels

  • Korea Shipbuilding has received a combined 582 billion won (US$529 million) in orders to build several ships.
  • The company has signed several deals with unidentified shippers in Europe to build seven ships.
  • The container carriers and LPG ships will be delivered from the second half of 2022, while the PC vessel will be delivered in the first half of 2022.

Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co., the world’s leading shipbuilding group, has received a combined 582 billion won (US$529...

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