National Geographic Expedition Cruise Vessel ‘Resolution’ Hits The Water

After months out of sight in the dock hall at Ulstein Verft, Norway, the 126-passenger expedition cruise vessel ‘National Geographic Resolution’ for Lindblad Expeditions was docked out on 8th June 2021. Specially designed for polar waters, the vessel is scheduled for delivery in Q4, says in article published on ulstein website.

Polar Vessel

The polar vessel ‘National Geographic Resolution’ is sister vessel to the ‘National Geographic Endurance’, delivered in 2020. With the Polar Class 5 (PC5),...

Arctic Sea Ice Thinning Twice As Fast As Thought

The area covered by sea ice in the Arctic is relatively easy to measure with satellite imagery. NASA reports sea ice is decreasing about 13 percent per decade. But the thickness of that ice—which affects wildlife, hunting, fishing and shipping—is more difficult to estimate because the ice is partially submerged and weighed down by snow, says in article published in Smithsonian magazine website.

New study about ice thickness

Research published on June 4 in the journal Cryosphere uses new...

Who is the 100th State Party To MARPOL Annex VI Regulations?

  • Argentina has become the 100th Contracting State to the mandatory International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations on cutting air pollution from shipping.
  • The regulations in Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) address air pollution from ships.
  • It also include energy efficiency and fuel quality requirements designed to reduce harmful emissions from shipping.

A recent news article published in the IMO states that Argentina becomes...

Friend of the Sea Launches New Whale-Safe Certification

Friend of the Sea Launches New Whale-Safe Certification, says an article on Fishfocus.

Deaths due to lethal collisions with vessels

It’s a silent massacre most people are unaware of. Every year, up to 20,000 whales die because of lethal collisions with vessels. The image of a dead whale stuck in the bow of a vast container symbolizes this tragedy. However, most of the time, their bodies sink without leaving a trace that could show the magnitude of this phenomenon.

Whaleship strikes have now become...

bound4blue Installs First eSAIL®System On Fishing Vessel

bound4blue installs its eSAIL® system on the first fishing vessel in the world to sail with wind-assisted propulsion technology, says a press release published on their website.

eSAIL® installation

bound4blue, together with Kyma and Organización de Palangreros de A Guarda (ORPAGU), the most important in its sector in Europe, has successfully installed the eSAIL® rigid sail system on the “Balueiro Segundo” vessel, a clear joint commitment towards innovation and sustainability.

About eSAIL®

The rigid...

Environmental Risk, Sinking Ship’s Catastrophic Oil Spill

  • A cargo ship sitting off the coast of Sri Lanka is sinking, with officials worried its contents could spill into the sea and cause an environmental disaster.
  • The Singapore-registered X-Press Pearl, which is carrying 278 tonnes of oil and another 50 tonnes of gas oil, has reportedly been on fire for weeks.
  • Tonnes of small plastic granules that were aboard the X-Press Pearl have already spilled out, inundating 80km of coastline along Sri Lanka’s western seaboard.
  • The Sri Lankan navy is now...

BIMCO Cautions, IMO Plans on Carbon Cut Leads To Emissions

  • IMO plans for ships to cut CO2 intensity by 2% a year between 2023 and 2026 could actually boost overall emissions, according to a leading shipowner trade association.
  • The measures may also infringe charterers’ basic rights, BIMCO deputy general secretary Lars Robert Pedersen added.
  • The technical stipulations essentially amount to retrospective application of the Energy Efficiency Design Index yardstick for newbuildings, known as EEDI, to the existing world fleet.

A recent news article...

Plastic Waste Swamps Sri Lanka’s West Coast

  • Plastic waste and other debris from the vessel that has been burning since May 20.
  • Plastic pellets swamped Sri Lanka’s west coast, prompting a ban on fishing.
  • Compensation assured for affected boat owners.

Tonnes of plastic pellets from a burning container ship swamped Sri Lanka’s west coast Friday, prompting a ban on fishing as international efforts to salvage the vessel dragged into a ninth day, reports 

Assurance from government

The government announced the ban along an 80-kilometre...

Port Of Tallinn’s Solutions To Achieve Climate Neutrality

  • The Port of Tallinn’s goal is to achieve climate neutrality.
  • The assessment of greenhouse gas emissions will help the Port of Tallinn to implement solutions that have the greatest impact first.

The Port of Tallinn’s goal is to achieve climate neutrality in all its port activities by 2050 at the latest, reports Marine Insight.

Environment Friendly Impact

In the case of the port, the action with the most significant positive impact for the environment is to supply the energy needs of moored ships...

Beginnings To An Emissions-free World Fleet

The upcoming meeting of IMO’s Maritime Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC 75) is likely to prove interesting, with the U.S. now joining countries like Denmark in pushing for a complete elimination of GHG emissions from shipping by 2050, and the International Chamber of Shipping looking for market-based measures to finance the massive R&D that will be needed to meet IMO’s goals, says an article published on marinelog website.

Journey to zero

Maritime is clearly on a journey to a greener...

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