They Identify New Compounds Of A Type Of Starfish That Shows Efficacy Against Cancer Cells

Russian scientists from the Far Eastern Federal University, the GB Elyakov Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and the AV Zhirmunsky National Scientific Center for Marine Biology have discovered four new steroid substances that target cells for breast cancer and colorectal carcinoma. These compounds were extracted from the sea star ‘Ceramaster patagonicus’.

As these scientists explain in an article in the journal ‘Marine Drugs‘, these compounds may be responsible in the body of starfish...

Greenpeace Denounces Massive Salmon Leak In The Los Lagos Region

The environmental organization Greenpeace, reported that during the night of Friday there was a massive escape of salmon from the “Caicura” farming center that is operated by the company Salmones Blumar SA., In a sector near the Caicura Islands, in front of the cove The sand.

The salmon farm, which is dedicated to aquaculture in general, raising, production and cultivation of salmonids, is located within the territory of the Hualaihue commune, in the Seno Reloncaví, province of Palena, in the...

Black Water Discharge On Acapulco Beaches Causes Outrage (VIDEOS)

After almost three months of the quarantine where Acapulco had improved the quality of its beaches, the discharge of sewage angers social networks.

A video circulating on social networks shows how wastewater, or better known as “black water”, is directly discharged to the beaches of Acapulco.

A person recorded from a hotel room in Acapulco how liters of sewage ran through the sand of Icacos beach until they reached the seashore, where they were distributed causing a huge stain in the bay.


Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping opens in Copenhagen

The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping was opened today in Copenhagen, featuring some of the biggest names in maritime as its backers. The center, which will be a non-profit organisation, set up as a commercial foundation with a charitable purpose, has been made possible by a...

European consortium bids to fast track commercial pathway to climate neutral methanol

A consortium of European maritime research and technology firms have launched the FASTWATER project to demonstrate the feasibility of retrofit and newbuild vessels to operate on methanol as a pathway to fossil-free shipping. With funding from the European Commission, FASTWATER will focus on high...

Excellent year for KPI Bridge Oil

Soren Holl

Excellent year for KPI Bridge Oil

KPI Bridge Oil today announced strong growth and earnings. Following the successful execution of the transition to the 2020 IMO fuel regulations, as well as the announcement of the acquisition of OceanConnect Marine, the company looks forward to the challenging year ahead with confidence and optimism.

KPI Bridge Oil completed its financial year, ending 30 April 2020 with Earnings Before Tax (EBT) of USD 28.5 million, and revenue of USD 2.2 billion. The...

Register Now for World Conference on Floating Solutions (Oct 6-8, Rotterdam)

Register Now for World Conference on Floating Solutions (Oct 6-8, Rotterdam)

World Ocean Council Partners with High-Level Conference on Floating Structures as a Climate-Adaptive Solution for Urban and Offshore Development

23 June 2020

 The World Conference on Floating Solutions 2020 (October 6-8, Rotterdam) will bring together industry, policymakers, entrepreneurs and researchers around the future of structures for offshore and inland waters in the context of sustainable development.

The extended...