Tackling maritime emissions – IMO rolls out ship and port toolkits

To reduce emissions across the maritime sector, national authorities need to first quantify those emissions and then develop a strategy to reduce them. A new set of free-of-charge toolkits to assess and address emissions from ships and ports is now available from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the global regulatory body for shipping.

The Ship Emissions Toolkit and Port Emissions Toolkit have been developed under the GEF-UNDP-IMO Global Maritime Energy Efficiency Partnerships...


World’s largest LNG bunker vessel heads to Europe

The Kairos, the world's largest LNG bunker vessel, left Ulsan, South Korea, for operation in the Baltic Sea. She will begin bunkering operations later this year

OCTOBER 18, 2018 — Yesterday, the 7,500 m3 capacity Kairos, the world’s largest LNG bunker supply vessel, began its journey from South Korea shipyard Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) to the ship’s primary area of operation in Northwest Europe. The ship will be ready for operations before the end of this year.

Mahinde Abeynaike, CEO of Nauticor, which holds 90% of the joint venture that charters the vessel, emphasized the crucial role of the LNG bunker vessel for the LNG supply. “The arrival of the Kai...


ESPO publishes Environmental Report 2018 – Top 10 Environmental Priorities

Isabelle Ryckbost

18 October 2018 – ESPO presented yesterday its annual Environmental Report for 2018 at the GreenPort Congress in Valencia. The ESPO Environmental Report includes environmental performance benchmark indicators as well as the Top 10 Environmental Priorities of the European ports for 2018.

Air quality has remained the top priority of the European ports since 2013. The increased interest in the relationship with local community in position 4 of the list is relevant as air quality...


Avian Vaquitas in Mexico, Species in Danger of Extinction

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During an 11-day expedition through the Gulf of California made in late September and early October.

MEXICO CITY – Mexican scientists spotted six marine vaquitas in recent days, an endemic species of the Mexican Gulf of California that is on the verge of extinction, scientists reported Wednesday.

” The hope is not over, “said Lorenzo Rojas, researcher of the International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita Marina (CIRVA).”




A Creature Appears on a Lake and Shakes a Whole Town in Argentina

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It became known that the huge creature was found by a woman in Lake San Roque, who revealed that it was almost half a meter long and 10 meters wide, which was dark in colour.

In Argentina, a strange creature appeared in the lake of San Roque, in Villa Carlos Paz, in Cordoba, Argentina, which has impacted the residents of the site, because they say they had never seen an animal like that.

It was...


Discover The Mystery Of This Prehistoric Sea Monster

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How could he survive at sea if his kidneys could not process the salt?

In 2016, the remains of a new species was discovered, which was named after Ichthyosaurus larkini, which lived about two hundred million years ago, during the Jurassic. It is a type of reptile that was originally terrestrial, worse than little by little it was adapted to the terrestrial environment. Its appearance could be...


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