Blast Hit Israeli Cargo Ship Back In Operation

Helios Ray

The Israeli cargo ship blasted in the Gulf of Oman last week is back in operation within days of the blast.

The ship had been damaged both on its port side and starboard side in the mysterious explosion that happened on Wednesday last week. After the incident, the ship took a detour to the Dubai port for repair and investigation, and now having recovered fully it has left for the Gulf of Oman.

MV Helios Ray was transiting along the Oman coast towards the Arabian Sea. The ship has passed through...

Cargo Ship Sails Back After Mysterious Explosion

Israeli-owned cargo ship that suffered a mysterious explosion last week left Dubai’s port and was transiting the Gulf of Oman, reports LiveMint.

Sailing towards Arabian Sea

The giant Bahamian-flagged roll-on, roll-off vehicle cargo ship, was sailing along the Omani coast toward the Arabian Sea, according to satellite-tracking data from website, days after docking in Dubai for repairs.

Overnight, the vessel passed through the strategic Strait of Hormuz, the narrow mouth of the...

Gibraltar Explosion Ship Repaired But Crew Still Critical


After days of explosion on the cargo ship CSSC Cape Town in Gibraltar, 2 injured seafarers still remain critical while repairing of the ship is almost done.

4 crew of the 19 member Hong Kong registered vessel were injured in the blast. Of them, 2 were critically injured and were taken to the Seville Burns Unit. They are still fighting for their life. The Gibraltar Government confirmed that repairing of the ship is now complete.

However, the ship will be in Gibraltar waters as investigation...

2 Seafarers In Critical Condition, Cargo Ship Repairs Over

  • Repairs to the Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship damaged by an explosion on Friday night are now completed.
  • The Gibraltar Government confirmed on Monday, as two seafarers injured in the blast remained in critical condition in Seville.
  • The bulk carrier CSSC Cape Town will remain in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters while an investigation continues into the cause of the blast.
  • It was in the vessel’s forecastle where the anchor mechanism is housed.

A recent news article published in the Gibraltar...

Beirut Blast: Ship Captain Shocked By Interpol Red Notice

Cargo ship captain pleads lebanese to let them go - assol foundation - Copy

The Beirut Port Blast is still shocking the maritime world as fresh reports of Interpol Red Notices for the ship captain that carried the hazardous explosive materials to the port, came to the forefront and now the captain of the ship has revealed what he thinks of the matter.

As per media reports, Boris Prokoshev, the captain of the ship that carried the ammonium nitrate was shocked to hear that Interpol Red Notices have named him and sought to arrest him.

Lebanon Detained the Ship

“I am shocked...

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