Carriers need drivers; are gamers the answer?

Dave Werdan has been driving big rigs since 2004. At first, he was hired to do power-only moves as a company driver, but he would soon have enough income to start his own venture. As an owner-operator, Werdan invested in his first 18-wheeler, an Intrepid Eagle truck, along with various trailer types, including flatbeds and tankers.

There was nothing like being on the open road. 

Logging thousands of miles from the East to the West Coast, and with authority to move into Mexico and Canada, Werdan...

U.S. Holds Slim Edge over China in Artificial Intelligence, Former Google Chairman Says

Eric Schmidt, technical advisor to the board of Alphabet Inc., which is the parent company of Google, speaks at a public meeting of the Defense Innovation Board in Austin, Texas March 5, 2020. DoD Photo

The chairman of a special commission on artificial intelligence warned Congress the United States is only one to two years ahead of China in developing artificial intelligence, as Beijing remains “relentlessly focused” on achieving dominance across the broad spectrum of high technologies.


Pompeo: ‘Tide Has Turned’ Against China’s Tech Espionage, Financial Pressure on Other Nations

Chinese sailors watch a People’s LIberation Army Navy (PLAN) pull into Djibouti. Xinhua Photo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said China is operating under a “fundamentally false assumption” that the United States is “a declining nation” rather than a country fully committed to preserving a rules-based world.

“Turning the other cheek” to Chinese bullying, human rights violations, intellectual property theft and grasping for global hegemony “no longer made sense” to the Trump administration.


Οι σχέσεις ΗΠΑ-Κίνας και στη μέση… η Huawei

Τρίμηνη παράταση, την τρίτη κατά σειρά, έλαβαν από την αμερικανική κυβέρνηση  αμερικανικές επιχειρήσεις προκειμένου να συνεχίσουν να συναλλάσσονται με τον κινεζικό κολοσσό Huawei.

Yπενθυμίζεται ότι τον περασμένο Μάιο η κυβέρνηση Τραμπ είχε βάλει στη «μαύρη λίστα» την Huawei επικαλούμενη λόγους ασφαλείας. Έκτοτε ωστόσο προέβη σε μια σειρά συγκεκριμένων τριμηνιαίων αδειών, σύμφωνα με τις οποίες ο κινεζικός κολοσσός έχει τη δυνατότητα να συνεργάζεται με αμερικανικές εταιρείες.

Αναμφίβολα ο κινεζικός...

Shipper + 3PL + data sharing = more trust and a smoother supply chain

3PLs that collaborate with shippers on data will boost efficiency and see longer-lasting relationships with their customers.
“Logistics is still a people business, and personal relationships are important,” said Lorenzo Fornaroli, senior director global logistics strategy and operations at Huawei.
“But there is much easier access to data now. I see a lot that needs to be done in terms of trust and relationships in China, but collaboration [over data] brings success …

The post Shipper + 3PL +...

GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Friday, 9 August 2019)

GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Friday, 9 August 2019)


August 9, 2019

Global markets

Shrugging off Wall Street’s rally overnight, the majority of global equity indices traded in the red on Friday, as the White House is reportedly delaying a decision about licenses for US firms to restart business with Huawei after China announced that it would stop purchasing US farming goods. Renewed US/China trade jitters weighed on risk appetite, with the Japanese yen strengthening as much as 0.4% against...

Panel: U.S., Europe Split On Chinese Tech Threat, Agree on Russia

buys the Russian S-400 air defense system.

That buy possesses “unacceptable risks for the United States,” Winternitz said. “There are no measures that can mitigate” the United States’ and NATO’s opposition to the move that would install a system that is not interoperable with the alliance’s systems. It puts at risk the advantages the F-35s pose to Kremlin’s defense in the event of a conflict. He called the decision “incompatible with Turkey’s commitment to NATO.”

Never far from the discussion at...

Daily Overview of Global Markets & the SEE Region (Tuesday, 21 May, 2019)

Daily Overview of Global Markets & the SEE Region (Tuesday, 21 May, 2019)



GLOBAL MARKETS:  Asian bourses posted modest gains today after the US administration temporarily eased trade restrictions imposed last week on China’s Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker. On the flip side, European equity markets opened in positive territory earlier today, but gains were limited on the back of lingering worries over whether a...

Huawei launches AI Lab in Singapore

HUAWEI CLOUD SUMMIT 2019 was held today (April 25) in Singapore, HUAWEI announced the launch of Cloud & AI Innovation Lab in Singapore at the summit. The lab will cultivate local AI talents, bridge Singapore with state-of-art AI technologies globally, and accelerate Cloud & AI innovations. All these missions line up well with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives.

Summit attracted over 2,000 customers, partners, industry academics, and developers from Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region...

Daily Overview of Global Markets & the SEE Region (Friday, December 7, 2018)



GLOBAL MARKETS:Wall Street managed to close well off the mid-session sell-offs overnight (Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq closed -0.3%, -0.2% and +0.4%, respectively), while the majority of Asian equity indices traded higher on Friday. Core government bonds extended their recent rally, with the 10-yr UST and Bund yields plunging to a three-month low of 2.83% and a six-month low of 0.22% y-day, respectively. In FX markets, the US dollar recovered...

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