Election 2020: Truckers rate Trump on transportation, trade issues

Truckers weigh in on transportation issues important to them in 2020.

While polls show Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the lead with five days remaining until Election Day, 53% of truck drivers FreightWaves polled on LinkedIn say they plan to cast their votes for President Donald Trump.

FreightWaves also asked truckers what transportation issues they would like the elected president to address during the next four years. 

Chad Boblett, the owner of Boblett Brothers LLC of Lexington, Kentucky, said he would like to see a president tackle the issue of possible...


Survey: Truckers largely plan to vote in person on Nov. 3

FreightWaves surveys truckers about 2020 election on social media

With the elections just six days away, most truck drivers who participated in a FreightWaves election survey on social media say they plan to vote in person this year.

In late October, FreightWaves sent out via Twitter and LinkedIn a survey on truckers’ voting plans and which candidate they planned to vote for.

Of the 60 Twitter respondents to a survey question on how they planned to vote, 70% stated they planned to vote — and in person — in this year’s presidential election. An additional 8.3%...


The Daily Dash: Election concerns, tolls and under-21 drivers

truck tolls

The Daily Dash is a quick look at what is happening in the freight ecosystem. In today’s edition, with the Nov. 3 election quickly approaching, the trucking industry has a lot at stake, including whether the nation’s crumbling infrastructure can be improved. Plus, ATA President and CEO Chris Spear says the group must win its legal battle against Rhode Island over truck-only tolls, and the FMCSA’s under-21 military truck driver pilot program is struggling to find participants.

Election to shape...


Election 2020: Road ahead for trucking infrastructure hinges on Nov. 3

With odds “more likely than not,” according to political analysts, that the U.S. Senate will follow the political party of the presidential ticket in the wake of next week’s election, issues critical to the trucking industry face divergent paths depending on who wins the White House.

Highway infrastructure is at the top of that list.

“It’s not just about the election, it’s also about control of the Senate and the relative balance in the House,” Jeff Davis, senior fellow at the Eno Center for...


Bidenomics versus Trumponomics, Future of commodity trading in the US, and more

Bidenomics versus Trumponomics, Future of commodity trading in the US, and more


Latest opinion and analysis from OMFIF around the world

12-16 October 2020, Vol.11 Ed.40

Bidenomics versus Trumponomics: Whoever wins the US presidential election will face putting America’s economic house in order as a priority.

To understand what that path might look like – whether President Trump stays in office or Joe Biden is elected – it is helpful to consider each campaign’s...


How The US Presidential Election Results Will Affect Shipping

The outcome of the U.S. election will steer stimulus spending, energy policy, trade relations, geopolitics and environmental regulation — and consequently, ocean freight rates — for years to come, writes the Freight Waves Senior Editor, Greg Miller. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

With just three weeks to go, financial analysts are weighing in on potential fallout.

On one end of the spectrum lies a relative status quo. On the other, a “blue sweep,” in which Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump for the...


Bidenomics versus Trumponomics, Trends in financial regulation

Bidenomics versus Trumponomics, Trends in financial regulation

Wednesday 14 October 2020   –   Vol.11 Ed.42.3

Commentary: Bidenomics versus Trumponomics

By Marsha Vande Berg in San Francisco

Whoever wins the US presidential election will face putting America’s economic house in order as a priority. To understand what that path might look like – whether President Trump stays in office or Joe Biden is elected – it is helpful to consider each campaign’s economic policies. Trump’s proposals would add...


Trump and Biden clash over fuel emissions, electric vehicles in first debate

President Donald Trump argued in the first of three presidential debates Tuesday night that completing the rollback of Obama-era fuel economy standards will make cars and trucks more affordable at the expense of higher emissions.

While the issue of climate change and policies dealing with it was not one of the topics initially agreed to, it was one in which there was some measure of give-and-take during a night of constant interruption between the candidates.

“What’s happening is the car is much...


U.S. Forces Korea CO: North Korea Showing No Signs of Regime Instability

Gen. Robert Abrams, commander of U.S. Forces Korea commander, US Forces Korea at Osan Air Base, ROK on June 12, 2020. US Air Force Photo

North Korea is not showing any signs of lashing out against South Korea or Japan or launching a deliberate provocation as the American presidential election nears, the senior commander on the peninsula said Thursday.

Army Gen. Robert Abrams, speaking in a Center for Strategic and International Studies online forum, said “we’re not seeing any sign of regime...


Made in the USA: The Jones Act

As the presidential race heats up before the Nov. 3 election, Jones Act observers are keeping an eye on what candidates are saying about the 100-year old shipping law and how they would deal with it during their administrations.

Normally the Jones Act has been an untouchable and relatively quiet cabotage law that protects the U.S. shipping industry from foreign intrusion, garnering strong bipartisan support in Washington, while drawing scant public attention — unless efforts are made to...