171 Hans Hederström, Consultant, Marine Consultancy Group

Meet Mr Maritime Simulator himself and learn all about Bridge Resource Management, BRM

People don’t like change. Famous words of the interviewee in this episode, Hans Hederström, Consultant, Marine Consultancy Group.

Listen to Captain Hederström and the impact he has had on the development of maritime safety and especially Bridge resource management. We get to hear the story of how the Center for Simulator Maritime Training, CSMART, in Almere, the Netherlands, came about and how that was a dream...


167 Captain John Konrad, founder and CEO of gCaptain

167 Shipping Podcast – Are all the stars aligned now – is there a new time for the maritime industry?

Captain John Konrad is THE influencer in the maritime industry. He started the gCaptain, which is currently the largest media outlet in the maritime domain.

John is equally interested in changing the narrative for the maritime industry as I am. We agree that we need to work together to create sustainable marketing for and about the maritime industry.

No one speaks about Über in the Silicon Valley...


Norton Rose Fulbright appoints global sector leadership

Norton Rose Fulbright appoints global sector leadership

Global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright today announced that it has sharpened its sector approach and appointed new global sector leads.

Christine Ezcutari

Gerry Pecht, Norton Rose Fulbright’s Global Chief Executive, said:

“Twenty years ago, Norton Rose Fulbright differentiated itself by becoming the first global law firm to be organized along industry lines. That strategic foresight led us to become market leaders in our sectors. We went on to...


163 Captain Kate McCue and Captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen

Captains Collaboration

Listen to the two most famous Master Mariners globally, Captain Kate McCue and Captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen, in their first encounter ever. The conversation touches upon so many exciting things as cats, shoes, leadership, containers, high-heals, role models, visibility, respect, accountability, dreams, career choices and the fact that #SeafarersAreKeyWorkers and why that should be part of the job description when you sign up to become a seafarer.

I am so grateful to...


The next era for ports: Business Innovation sessions at #IAPH2021

The next era for ports: Business Innovation sessions at #IAPH2021

The Business Innovation stream at this year’s IAPH World Ports Conference will assess the next era for ports and the demand for a changing of the guard. A new generation of leaders with different leadership qualities are needed to match the challenges ports face. 

You can watch all sessions either live or on-demand after their broadcast, giving you full flexibility to compose your own schedule.




Gender equality and leadership in a COVID-19 maritime world

Gender equality and leadership in a COVID-19 maritime world

The International Maritime Organization welcomes this year’s United Nations theme for International Women’s Day 2021 of “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.”  

This important message aligns with the various activities undertaken by IMO over the years to make the maritime sector more gender inclusive and to enhance the contribution of women as key maritime stakeholders. 

IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim...


Are You an Agile Leader?

Are You an Agile Leader?

BCG – Leadership by Design – February 2021

We’re excited to share this issue of our new Leadership by Design newsletter, where you will find advice and insights on navigating the complexities of today’s leadership and management environment. To receive our latest thoughts on leadership in your inbox every month, please subscribe below.
What It Takes to Be an Agile Leader
The Premise
In the post–COVID-19 era, agile will no longer...


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