Why considering a variety of stakeholders is critical to the success of your logistics company

by Jeff Lerner, vice president of marketing at Flock Freight

Today, the success of a business depends on its ability to generate social and political support. From customers and employees to investors and community members, stakeholder engagement plays a tremendous role in the future of your company. 

Subsequently, considering the needs and wants of all your stakeholders is critical. Each group will have a unique perspective of your business and contribute to its success in a unique way. While...


Showing leadership through times of disruption

A lot of times, the way a company handles adversity shines brighter than its performance when things run according to plan.

Michelle Halkerston, owner and CEO of Hassett Logistics, returned to the FreightWavesTV studio to discuss what it takes to show leadership in times of disruption with FreightWaves lead economist Anthony Smith.

The only way to get through hardships is for everyone to be able to trust one another implicitly. But trust takes time to build; it can’t be established overnight. In...


UPS’ health care unit expands network, adds US cold chain packaging operation

A gloved-hand reaches for vial of a COVID-19 vaccine dose. The distribution of COVID-19 vaccines could begin in mid-December

UPS Healthcare, a unit of UPS Inc. said Tuesday it will add three facilities, two in Europe and one in the United States, to its network of 125 facilities in 34 countries. 

The UPS (NYSE: UPS) unit said it will open a facility in Roermond, the Netherlands, in early 2022 and another in Giessen, Germany, the following December. The Netherlands facility will have freezer farm capacity to store biopharma products — notably COVID-19 vaccines that must be kept at temperatures around minus 70, for...


Uber Freight takes on $550M in new ownership, closes Transplace deal

Uber Freight has completed its acquisition of Transplace, a $2.25 billion deal that also involved Uber Freight taking on another investment of more than a half-billion dollars.

The completion of the Transplace deal had been expected in the fourth quarter, so its timing was expected. What wasn’t expected was that a little more than a year after it took on a half-billion-dollar investment from Greenbriar Equity Group, it would take on an even bigger investment than the cash that Greenbriar put...


Biden sets priorities, creates task force for infrastructure rollout

Just before signing into law the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) on Monday, President Joe Biden laid out six priorities that a new infrastructure task force will use to guide the rollout of the historic funding package.

According to an executive order signed by Biden, those priorities include:

  • Invest public dollars efficiently, avoid waste and focus on measurable outcomes.
  • Buy American and increase the competitiveness of the U.S. economy, including through...


Wild Alaskan puts seafood distribution, sans air, to the test

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) seafood distribution and airfreight services have long been joined at the hip. Seafood products are perishable, premium-priced, and typically ordered by a demanding customer base. Because of those challenges, the inherent speed of air transport was the default delivery choice, especially if the distance between sourcing and final delivery was measured in many hundreds, if not thousands, of miles.

Wild Alaskan Co., a 4-year-old company located in Homer, Alaska,...


F3 chat: Technology helps Convoy address supply chain challenges

Convoy CEO Dan Lewis addresses the role of technology in mitigating supply chain disruptions at the FreightWaves F3 Virtual Experience

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: How technology can alleviate supply chain disruptions

DETAILS: Less-than-perfect supply chain conditions have spurred innovation in an industry that desperately needs it. Dan Lewis, co-founder and CEO of trucking software company Convoy, sat down with FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller to get the lay of the landscape of supply chain technology and investments.

SPEAKER: Lewis is the co-founder and CEO of Convoy.

BIO: Lewis co-founded Convoy in 2015 with Grant Goodale. Before Convoy,...


De Muynck to address shippers in F3 insights on transportation technology strategies

Gartner Vice President of Research Bart De Muynck will speak on shippers’ transportation technology strategies and road maps in a live presentation at FreightWaves’ F3 Virtual Experience at approximately 10 a.m. ET Thursday. 

In addition to Thursday’s live presentation, De Muynck will host two sessions at F3, one focusing on advanced analytics and the other on sustainability in transportation and logistics. De Muynck is a 30-year supply chain veteran, beginning at Penske Logistics, then Elemica,...


F3 chat: DHL Supply Chain’s Gillespie on digitalization’s role in meeting ESG goals

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: How digitalization helps achieve ESG targets

DETAILS: Environmental, social and governance standards have become a core conversation piece between companies and their providers. ESG will become ever more important in building and maintaining brand equity, while demonstrating that businesses are responsible stewards of the environment. Jason Gillespie, continuous improvement and innovation leader at DHL Supply Chain, the world’s largest contract logistics provider, says the...


Hassett Logistics uses core strengths and competencies to grow

What does it take to maintain success in today’s competitive transportation industry? The short answer is to always be kinetic.

Michelle Halkerston, owner and CEO of Hassett Logistics, knows a thing or two about keeping a business at the forefront. She stopped by the FreightWavesTV studio to discuss Hassett’s transformative efforts with FreightWaves lead economist Anthony Smith.

“As a midsized player, Hassett is different,” Halkerston said. “One of the things we did after buying the company was...


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