New NATO Command Will Assist Ukraine with Training, Equipment Donations

Ukrainian forces in formation during training in U.K. on Feb. 11, 2024. NATO Image

NATO’s leaders are set to approve a separate command at Wiesbaden, Germany, to coordinate training and equipment donations to Kyiv’s forces, a senior administration official told reporters last week.

The command will have about 700 personnel from NATO countries and partner nations assigned to the center, an alliance news release said. The administration officials, speaking to the press Friday, said the center...

US Navy acquires coastal response boats for foreign military sales

A 46-foot coastal fast response boat built by Silver Ships for the US Navy's foreign military sales program

Alabama boatbuilder Silver Ships has completed the construction and delivery of the first four coastal fast response boats (CFRB) under a contract award worth US$6.12 million from the US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). The vessels were designed and constructed as a part of the US Navy’s Foreign...

Η AMMITEC συμμετείχε στο συνέδριο του NATO για την κυβερνοασφάλεια στη ναυτιλία (pics)

Ο σύνδεσμος Στελεχών Πληροφορικής Ναυτιλιακών εταιρειών, συμμετείχε σε πάνελ με διαχειριστή τον Κώστα Σακελλάκο, Ταμία του Δ.Σ. της AMMITEC και IT Manager της Navarone SA και μέσω της Δρ. Άννας Βαζιντάρη, Γραμματέας του Δ.Σ. της AMMITEC και ICT Managerτης Unisea Shipping Ltd., παρουσίασε το ταξίδι...

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