Pressure grows for Baltic wide ban on scrubber water discharges

The pressure for a Baltic wide ban on the discharge of wash water from ships’ exhaust gas cleaning systems, or scrubbers, is growing. And advocates of the Baltic ban have hopes that it could snowball into wider international action at the IMO.

Denmark will ban scrubber water discharges

As we reported recently, from July 1, 2025, the discharge of exhaust gas scrubber water from ships will be prohibited in waters up to 22 kilometers (about 12 nautical miles) off the Danish coast. In announcing...

USCG lab identifies responsible party in NY/NJ tar ball pollution

A spill that happened on the evening of Nov. 22 during an oil transfer at an oil facility in Bayonne, N.J. has been identified as the source of an incident that subsequently saw tar balls discovered on the New Jersey coast from Sea Bright to Asbury Park, additional pollution discovered on the shoreline north of Coney Island Creek in the Gravesend Bay area of Brooklyn, as well as tar balls at Fort Wadsworth beach on Staten Island.

The Coast Guard and Vane Brothers Company responded and monitored...

Unprecedented Challenges Pushing Our Earth into Crisis

Credit: Alfonso Castro/ Unsplash

The United Nations has put itself behind a huge and scarifying report about the serious threat around the world of invasive species plants and animals that hop a ship or a plane and establish themselves mucking with the general environmental situation says Esquire.

Extremely conservative

 “One of the things that we stress that really is the tremendous threat this does pose to — and I know this is going to sound grandiose — but to human civilization,” said Peter...

Plastic pollution is illegal, it is abhorrent and it must stop

Pictured: a plastic water bottle found floating in the ocean; Photo: Brian Yurasits via Unsplash

We love plastics. We hate plastics. Plastics are a blessing. Plastics are a curse. Plastics save life. Plastics kill. Plastics preserve. Plastics destroy. Plastics have helped the environment. Plastics are destroying the environment. Plastics are the cheapest material ever. Plastics are the most expensive material ever. Plastics are the best. Plastics are the worst. Plastics must continue. Plastics...

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