It’s going to be a weird Christmas for Target, Walmart and Amazon

shopping at target

Our biggest retailers have way too much inventory and not enough consumer buzz. That’s a problem heading into the Christmas shopping season. 

Big box behemoths like Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond have bloated stockrooms and falling sales. Meanwhile, retailers like Amazon and Dollar General have seen an uptick in inventory value through this summer, according to their latest earnings reports — even as Wall Street begs companies to stop stocking up.

Companies struggled to keep inventory levels on...

Indictment of Conception’s captain thrown out by US federal judge

A federal judge in Los Angeles has dismissed a criminal indictment against the captain of dive boat Conception. Jerry Nehl Boylan had been charged with manslaughter in the deaths of 34 people when the vessel caught fire and sank off the southern California coast three years ago. The 75-footer...

All 85 on board ferry in Philippines are rescued from fire

The Philippine Coast Guard and volunteers rescued all 85 passengers and crew who were on inter-island ferry M/V Asia Philippines (IMO 7434262), which caught fire as it approached a port south of Manila on August 26th. Many of the passengers jumped into the water as the flames were fanned by strong...

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