El mercado de fletamento de contenedores muestra resiliencia, las tarifas se estabilizan

Según Alphaliner, el mercado de fletamento de contenedores está demostrando una notable resiliencia con las tarifas de fletamento estabilizándose en toda la industria.

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Container shipping sees signs of a bottom (at least, for now)

chart showing container shipping spot rates

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The Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) — a closely watched measure of container shipping...


Alphaliner: Las líneas navieras esperan que la estabilización de fletes detenga la caída de sus acciones

Según Alphaliner; Los operadores de líneas navieras esperan que el precio de sus acciones detenga su caída si los fletes se estabilizan.

Esta entrada Alphaliner: Las líneas navieras esperan que la estabilización de fletes detenga la caída de sus acciones Aparece primero en FullAvanteNews.


How Is the Boxship Industry Coping Up With Record Freight Rates?

The CEO and founder of Danish container shipping consultancy Sea-Intelligence, Alan Murphy, ponders how close are we to topping out in terms of today’s record freight rates, reports Splash247.

SCFI hitting new highs

The Shanghai Containerised Freight Index (SCFI) hit new highs on Friday. For many months now people have been questioning how much higher spot rates can go. It’s a tricky one, as there are so many unknown variables in play.

Uncharted territory 

First, we are now so far into uncharted...


Ripples from Suez ending in waves of price rises on all container tradelanes

There are reports of “sharp increases” in Asia-Europe container spot rates this week, as the fallout from the week-long Suez Canal blockage restricts both vessel and equipment capacity in Asia.
Today’s Ningbo Containerized Freight Index (NCFI) North Europe and Mediterranean component jumped by 8.7%, almost matching the 8.6% increase on the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI).
“Carriers collectively pushed up rates for April voyages and booking prices rose sharply,” said the NCFI …



Asia-Europe ocean spot rates sail into calmer waters as boxes are returned

Container shipping spot freight rates on the Asia-North Europe trade declined 2.7% this week – a further sign the recent exponential growth has levelled off.
Today’s Shanghai Containerised Freight Index (SCFI) Shanghai-North Europe leg was $4,276 per teu, down $117 per teu from last week, as carriers began to release more equipment to customers in China.
Christoph Baumeister, senior trade manager Asia/ISC-Europe at Flexport, said the rates decline was mainly driven by …

The post Asia-Europe...


Spot rates ease – but it could be too little, too late for some

Container spot rates have peaked and appear to be declining slightly on the main tradelanes, albeit from record high levels.
But it could be too little and too late to save some businesses.
“Carriers have started to extend rates into mid-February, and prepaid space seems to be available at the Chinese main ports,” said Christoph Baumeister, senior trade manager, Asia-Europe, at Flexport.
Today’s Shanghai Containerised Freight Index (SCFI) recorded the first decrease in …

The post Spot rates ease...


Asia-Europe carriers have ‘gone too far’ and will ‘live to regret their gluttony’

There are signs that spot rates from Asia to Europe might be beginning to cool at last.
Today’s Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) comprehensive index inched up just half a percentage point this week to 2,885, which is 190% higher than a year ago.
The North Europe component eased back slightly, by $39, to $4,413 per teu, after putting on $650 in the previous two weeks.
Spot rates from Asia to the Mediterranean …

The post Asia-Europe carriers have ‘gone too far’ and will ‘live to regret...


On the wires: The container freight story at a granular level

Alphaliner published an interesting note this week which looked at the extraordinary performance of container freight rates, but at a granular level.
Analysing the recent gains on the Shanghai Containerised Freight Index – which charts nine deepsea trades out of Shanghai, in addition to four intra-Asia routes – and dividing the headhaul freight rate with the nautical distances between Shanghai and each trade’s base port to give the dollar earned per …

The post On the wires: The container freight...


Fierce Bidding Wars In Order To Secure Equipment And Space

Major forwarders are engaged in fierce bidding wars in China, in order to secure equipment and space to North Europe, says an article published in the loadstar.

And several carriers are reported to have opened first- and second-round tenders with the highest bidders for guaranteed shipment this month.

Inviting Offers For Available Slots

According to Chinese forwarder contacts, carriers are inviting offers for available slots on end-January sailings from Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao and Yantian, with...


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