EFS chat recap: What SONAR reveals about the post-pandemic market

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: FreightWaves SONAR for Enterprise Fleets

DETAILS: Zach Strickland of FreightWaves, known as the Sultan of SONAR, discusses how enterprise fleets can utilize some of the most basic data on the platform. 

SPEAKER: Strickland is interviewed by Michael Vincent of FreightWaves. Among other roles, Vincent is the co-host of the popular podcast WHAT THE TRUCK?!?, found on the most popular podcast platforms and on FreightWavesTV. He also is going to be hosting a new show.

BIO: Stricklan...


Transmission: Can Class 8 truck producers keep up with demand?

There was good news and some questionable news over the weekend. The good news can be summed by the trucking industry deciding it needed more vehicles last month, pushing up sales 108% year-over-year. There was another sale, though, that could generate more questions from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is investigating former Nikola CEO Trevor Milton. He sold 3.5 million of his Nikola shares for $49 million six months after he resigned in a cloud of controversy.

Read all...


All eyes on East Coast ports as volumes spike, Ever Given fallout looms

The Ever Given is no longer lodged in the Suez Canal, but the pileup it caused has everyone wondering what repercussions may materialize in the coming weeks. While most of the cargo containers transiting the Suez Canal move from Asia to Europe, significant volumes also travel from Southeast Asia and India to the East Coast of the U.S.

Over the next few weeks, interested parties will be looking to East Coast ports to see whether those repercussions mean a loss of domestic freight volumes. But...


FreightWaves launches SONAR SCI Lane Acuity Plus

Supply chain professionals responsible for transportation procurement at Fortune 500 companies focus on three things – budget forecast accuracy, service scores and primary tender acceptance.

“At Freightwaves, we see the uncertainty and pressure shippers are under, especially in volatile markets, and we believe the best way to improve overall performance is to empower them with near-real-time freight data,” said Craig Fuller, FreightWaves founder and CEO. 

“That’s why we created SONAR Supply Chain...


ZMac technology designed to handle oversized freight with ease

Flatbed freight historically is hard to manage as it combines a number of supply chain imbalances including uncertain origins and destinations, inconsistent city and state regulations, driver-touch requests and accessorial requirements. Training and developing employees to handle these shipments takes time, adding to the overall complexity of matching these loads to the right carrier.

While many large brokerages shy away from these risky shipments, ZMac Transportation Inc. specializes in them,...


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