130 Christopher Pålsson, Head of Lloyd’s List Intelligence Consulting

Meet Christopher Pålsson, Head of Lloyd’s List Intelligence Consulting speaking about the geography behind trade, geographical hotspots, the International Maritime Statistics Forum and what life is as a Maritime Analyst.

We chat about world trade, raising the profile, containerisation and the economy of scale before we touch upon the topic of Brexit.

What do you think? Did you learn anything? Do you have a different opinion on what Chris is saying? send us some feedback, we might have another...


Mikael Laurin, Managing Director, Lean Marine

In episode 127 you meet Mikael Laurin, Managing Director, Lean Marine, a company dedicated to automated-fuel saving and data analysis solutions. Mikael comes from a shipping company where he served as the CEO after a career as a consultant for various companies, start-ups and large entities.

Mikael shares his view on the current market, where he thinks our industry is heading, but he also speaks about when his heritage called him to be part of the family-owned shipping company. He welcomes the...


Mads Svendsen, Project Manager for the Functional Review at the International Maritime Organization

In episode 124 you meet the Project Manager for the Functional Review at the International Maritime Organization, Mads Svendsen, and can hear him describe how he has worked with 20 different UN organisations before arriving at the IMO almost a year ago.

The first 6 months Mads spent to try and understand the culture and find out where the organisation want to go before launching a series of workshops and then move on to the strategy. It’s an exciting project and the end goal is a goal-based...


Lena Göthberg, Producer and Host of the Shipping Podcast

The 100th! It’s a milestone! I take the opportunity to share what I have learnt by starting a podcast in the maritime industry. How it all started with a crazy idea and borrowed equipment onboard the worlds’ largest container ship MAERSK MCKINNEY MOLLER and her Captain. 

I got the advice to start by sharing 4 episodes, just in case the prospective listeners wouldn’t get hooked if I only shared one episode and that wasn’t to their taste.

1. Captain Niels V Pedersen

2. Carl Johan Hagman

3. Jonathan...


Dorothea G. Ioannou, Managing Director, Global Business Development, Shipowners Claims Bureau (Hellas), Inc.

Dorothea G. Ioannou is the Chief Operating Officer of the Shipowners Claims Bureau Inc., New York, in addition to leading the team in Piraeus. In 2017, Dorothea received the Next Generation Shipping Award at the Lloyd’s List Global Awards in London, which we talk about in addition to the value of social media, to create a talent pool and to be kind to people. 

We discuss leadership and the importance of staying on top of things, also the latest trends, if you are going to stay in business....

Full: https://shippingpodcast.com/dorothea-g-ioannou-managing-director-global-business-development-shipowners-claims-bureau-hellas-inc/