Speaking at GOP convention, Teamsters president calls for labor reform

Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien used the first speech by a Teamster at a Republican National Convention to discuss bipartisanship, Amazon and labor reform.

O’Brien’s speech Monday night was an unprecedented exercise in bipartisanship by the Teamsters. He also plans to speak at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August. The union has not yet made an endorsement for president this election year.

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace called the speech “partisan and...


Teamsters President Sean O’Brien to speak at RNC in historic first

Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien is set to speak at the Republican National Convention on Monday night.

A Teamsters post on X/Twitter showed O’Brien meeting with Massachusetts delegates at the RNC Monday morning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is scheduled to formally speak at the RNC at 8 p.m. EST Monday night.

“Wherever we can find common ground, our focus must always be on protecting American workers,” O’Brien told delegates, cited in a post by the Teamsters on X/Twitter. “If we’re going...


Werner battling unions on 2 fronts; 1 fight may have broader significance

Werner Enterprises’ ECM unit is battling unionization efforts on two fronts, one of which may be impacted by a recent legal precedent that observers say could boost union representation efforts.

While fewer than 50 workers are involved in the unionization push at ECM, one group of employees has already chosen to be represented by a union, a campaign that ultimately brought Werner CEO Derek Leathers into the fray with a personal visit to New Jersey.

That campaign resulted last year in...


Teamsters Canada Rail Conference members reauthorize strikes against CN, CPKC

This story originally appeared on Trains.com

LAVAL, Quebec — Members of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference have voted to reauthorize strikes at CPKC and CN, the union announced Saturday.

Overall, 89.5% of union members participated in the vote, with 98.6% voting to reauthorize the strike, the union said. At CN, conductors, engineers and yard workers voted 98.4% to authorize the strike, with a 90.1% turnout. At CPKC, that same group voted 99.2% in favor of reauthorization, with an 88.6% turnout....


Teamsters tie up with Staten Island Amazon union, win other elections

The Teamsters union has recorded several organizing or contract-signing victories in the past few weeks, but a step it has taken toward representing at least one group of Amazon workers has garnered the biggest headlines. 

An independent labor union that won representation at a Staten Island, New York, warehouse in 2022, a victory that Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is fighting, has agreed to come under the umbrella of the Teamsters, according to media reports. The Teamsters posted an announcement about...


Teamsters voted in to represent drivers at Kroger fulfillment center, say it’s a first

The Teamsters are celebrating a victory at a Kroger fulfillment center in Michigan, which the union says is the first time it has successfully organized workers at such a Kroger facility. 

In a prepared statement released earlier this week, the Teamsters said the drivers at the Kroger Romulus, Michigan, fulfillment center voted 3-1 to join Teamsters Local 337, which the union described as a “landslide.” The Teamsters said the number of workers covered by the outcome of the vote was 289.

The union...


Could autonomous trucks help save the planet?

It’s understood that autonomous trucks boost fuel efficiency compared to human-driven big rigs.

But the potential energy efficiency gains could be far greater.

In a white paper released Tuesday, Aurora Innovation looked at immediate, medium- and longer-term opportunities and found some obvious and not-so-obvious savings.

The headline factoid: Autonomous trucks could achieve 13%-32% net energy efficiency improvement per loaded mile compared to human-driven miles. It is a lot to digest. 

Aurora makes...


Activists looking to oust Norfolk Southern management get key support

With the proxy battle at Norfolk Southern headed to a climax next week at the annual meeting of shareholders, management and the board of directors have taken a major hit to their survival efforts following the recommendation of Glass Lewis to back the proxy battle undertaken by Ancora Holdings.

Glass Lewis is an independent proxy advisory firm that makes recommendations to institutional shareholders about how to vote in proxy battles. News reports about the firm inevitably use the word...


Switcheroo: EV Realty secures electricity before launching charging sites

Startups, real estate giants and others developing electric truck charging sites tend to pick locations before being certain they can get electricity in a timely fashion. Startup EV Realty prioritizes having the juice available when it buys a property.

‘Buying by the acre and monetizing by the megawatt’

Patrick Sullivan is like a lot of his peers developing electric infrastructure for fleet charging. He knows how the electric power business works, what it takes to develop and what can frustrate...


Autonomous trucking may descend the rabbit hole of local politics

Autonomous trucking regulation is already a state-by-state issue. In California, it may soon embody the adage “All politics are local.” Advocates of driverless vehicles see passage of newly introduced legislation as a death knell for the technology.

After vetoing legislation last year that would have required a human driver in autonomous vehicles over 10,000 pounds, California Gov. Gavin Newsom may again have to choose between two of his main constituencies: Big Tech and organized labor.

2 bills...


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