[Watch] U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Breaks COVID-19 Hiatus!

  • U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) is underway for the first time since being sidelined by an onboard coronavirus outbreak.
  • After moving nearly 4,000 crewmembers off ship for quarantine, Theodore Roosevelt left Naval Base Guam and entered the Philippine Sea.
  • Theodore Roosevelt sailors will execute Navy COVID-19 prevention and mitigation policies, in addition to social distancing.

U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) is underway for the first time...


Taipei state aid to prop up liner operators

Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) said on 19 May 2020 that it has launched a TW$30 billion (US$1 billion) aid package aimed, in part, at easing the financial strain on Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (YM) and Evergreen Marine Corporation (EMC).

Many businesses have been suffering amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which has slashed demand and disrupted supply chains. In particular, YM and EMC suffered Q1 losses, and YM, which is part-government owned, has found...


Part II: Standardisation – key to enabling benefits of collaboration

With the ramp-up of new and emerging technologies, standards and horizontal collaboration between competitors are now more necessary than ever. A standard is an agreement among a business network constituted by actors that share the same common object of interest.

Adoption of global multimodal standards is a win-win situation, since these standards guarantee interoperability. Standards enable stakeholders in the logistics chain to reap the maximum benefits from smart container solutions, while...


COVID19 Oil Crisis Can Lead To Permanent Workforce Loss for Oil Industry!


A career in oil used to be an attractive option for college students and high school grads alike but now everyone seems to be deserting it due to global oil price tumble, reports Irina Slav for the Oilprice.com

The Days of Lucrative Jobs Are Gone

Oil and gas was one of the few industries where one could make six figures a year without a college diploma. And those with a diploma? They made high six figures with all sorts of perks and benefits.

Those days are gone.

Oil Crisis leads to Job Loss



Coast Guard increases remote Subchapter M inspections

Chief warrant officer Aaron Studie boards a vessel during an inspection in the mid-Atlantic region. Coast Guard photo.

Inspections under the new towing vessel inspection program are continuing during the Covid-19 pandemic, but more often using remote technologies.

The Coast Guard and its third-party partners are performing fewer onboard inspections in an effort to limit potential exposure of its inspectors and the boat crews to the coronavirus, opting instead for what the Coast Guard calls “flexible and creative” techniques that put safety first.

These approaches include video conferencing and electronic...