Ericsson’s 5G Network To Increase Safety & Sustainability

  • Trade represented more than 60 percent of the global gross domestic product.
  • Connected ports: A guide to make ports smarter with private cellular technology, outlines how challenges of equipment downtime, congested port yards for loading and unloading, worker safety, and environmental impact could be resolved with private cellular networks.
  • Ericsson collaborated with leading sensor technology provider, ifm electronic, as well as researchers from management consultancy Arthur D.
  • By year five,...

Diana Shipping Inc. Approves Senior Management Appointments

  • Diana Shipping Inc., has announced that its Board of Directors has approved a series of senior management appointments.
  • It is intended to provide for an orderly succession and to ensure the continued sound strategic management of the Company.
  • The management appointments described below will be effective as of March 1, 2021. The appointments were made by the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors.

A recent news article published in the Diana Shipping website reveals about Diana Shipping...

Retailer Market Hit Hard, Elevated Shipping Costs

  • The Container Store’s most recent earnings call details the reality of shifting to a greater mix of e-commerce sales at a time when transportation capacity is extremely tight.
  • To manage limited capacity, logistics providers have implemented surcharges and placed limits on its largest customers.
  • These additional costs are putting significant strain on retailer bottom lines at a time when many are dealing with major top line declines.

A recent news article published in the Freightwaves written...

United Nations Warns of Global Food Shortage As Pandemic Effect

  • UN food system envoy warns of looming food shortage this year.
  • Global food system has contracted due to the pandemic.
  • The effect of the pandemic underlines last year will show its face this year.
  • Food needs to keep moving through the food system.
  • Countries averted the crisis last year by heeding to UN warnings but problems have grown.
  • Not a 6 months problem but a 5 year impact is likely.
  • UN Food System Summit working to change the dynamics of food production and consumption.

According to a...

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