U.S. Retail Imports Witness Lowest Annual Total in 4 Years

  • Imports at major U.S. retail container ports are expected to see their lowest in 2020.
  • The retailers are being careful not to import more than they can sell.
  • U.S. ports covered by Global Port Tracker handled 1.61 million TEU in June.
  • That was up 4.9% from May but down 10.5%year-over-year. 
  • July was estimated at 1.76 million TEU, down 10.2% year-over-year.
  • 2020 is set to see a drop of 9.4% from 2019 and the lowest annual total of 19.1 million TEU in 2016.

According to an article published in...


COVID-19 Capacity Crunch Increases Cost of International Shipments

Choppy Waters
  • Capacity constraints have driven up rates for international shipments.
  • This includes all modes of transport – sea, air, and land.
  • The cost of moving goods by ship has climbed 12% in 2020.
  • Ocean-liner rates have benefited from the industry being more disciplined with idle capacity.
  • Limited passenger flights have created a significant reduction in available belly capacity.
  • This scenario has helped drive rates higher despite a decline in demand of about 19%.
  • Air-cargo rates from Hong Kong to...


Higher Latitude Current Supplying Water To A Waterfall Discovered

In a major development, an international team discovered a previously unrecognized ocean current that transports water to one of the world’s largest “waterfalls” in the North Atlantic Ocean: the Faroe Bank Channel Overflow into the deep North Atlantic, says an article published in Phys.org

Finding the New Ocean Current

While investigating the pathways that water takes to feed this major waterfall, the research team identified a surprising path of the cold and dense water flowing at depth, which...


Ghost Ship Tours Becomes The New Rage As Cruises Lie Idle at Shore

People on the beach at Studland look out at the cruise ships

According to a BBC report, people in England have found a new tourist attraction this pandemic, it is abandoned old ships.

The Ghost Ship Tours

One of the more unusual sights of the coronavirus pandemic has been that of cruise ships drifting around in the English Channel, apparently abandoned at sea. But why are they there? And how did they become a holiday attraction?

Paul Derham is welcoming passengers onboard when he picks up the phone. It’s business as usual for his small passenger ferry in...


Rare Snail Helps Understand the ‘Asymmetry’ Research

  • Work published in Biology Letters showed that lefty shells in garden snails usually originate from an accident during early development, rather than an inherited condition.
  • Jeremy’s offspring, grand-offspring and great-grand-offspring didn’t share his and his partner’s ultra-rare shell-coil.
  • The finding has relevance to understanding the common factors that define organ and body asymmetry, including in humans.

A global campaign to help find a mate for a left-coiling snail called ‘Jeremy’ has...


100 Million Years Old ‘Lifeless’ Seafloor Microbes Sprang Up To Life With Food

Researchers have successfully revived tiny microbes trapped dormant in a seemingly lifeless zone of the seabed for more than 100 million years, reports the Science Alert.

What is it?

A team of scientists from Japan and America were looking to see whether microscopic life survives in the less-than-hospitable conditions beneath the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean.

“We wanted to know how long the microbes could sustain their life in a near-absence of food,”said microbiologist Yuki Morono from the...


[Watch] The Luxurious Eco-friendly Shipping Container Hotel

Perry, the founder and principal of Ecotech Design has completed an eco-friendly shipping container hotel in California, writes Carrie for an article published in 2OceansVibe News.

Eco friendly retired containers 

The trend of reusing retired containers started with the tiny house movement to make small, eco-friendly homes that reduced carbon footprint on the planet.

If things keep going the way they are, eventually shops, homes, bathrooms, studios and everything will be fabricated using shipping...


New COVID-19 Cases Batters Struggling Cruise Industry

  • Cruises have resumed with a limited number of passenger liners amid COVID-19.
  • Multiple ships have confirmed COVID-19 positive tests among passengers and crew.
  • 710 people fell ill aboard the Diamond Princess while it was quarantined off Japan and 13 people eventually died.
  • The cruise industry will struggle to recover as they are vulnerable to the spread of the disease.
  • The cruise industry contributes 150 billion U.S. dollars to the global economy.
  • Widespread sailings are unlikely to resume in...


8 Cabin Locations To Avoid on Cruise Ships

The more "standard" cabins on Royal Caribbean ships look like this. Specifically, this is a category D8 "Superior Ocean View with Balcony" cabin on Harmony of the Seas. (Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean)
  • Cabin deck above the main entertainment deck is the worst spot to stay on a cruise ship.
  • The area is notorious for noise and rowdies emerging from the elevators late into the night.
  • Picking the perfect cabin location on a cruise ship can be a subjective exercise.
  • The areas around elevator banks and stairways on cruise ships can be noisy.
  • Look hard at deck plans before choosing a particular cabin to see what is just above and below it.
  • such cabins are marked on cruise ship deck plans with some...


Beirut Blast Creates a “Massive Crater,” Satellite Imagery Shows

  • Satellite imagery and other aerial footage of the Port of Beirut are steadily emerging showing devastating damage from the explosion.
  • Satellite imagery that The War Zone obtained from Planet Labs shows that detonation left a crater in the dock and is now full of water.
  • The explosions also occurred right next to a set of grain elevators that held approximately 85% of the country’s grain stockpile.

Satellite images obtained by CNN from Planet Labs Inc., show a massive crater at the site of...