145 Harald Solberg, CEO Norwegian Shipowner’s Association

In episode 145 you will listen to Harald Solberg, CEO of the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association. He speaks about how the shipping industry needs to be bold and set up challenging targets and thereby be part of the solution for a climate-neutral future.

Harald is with me on the demand for us to speak about the maritime industry outside our own ranks, we need to become more visible in mainstream media.

The International Chamber of Shipping has suggested a fund for technical developments toward a...


137 Sakura Kuma, Executive Director of YKIP, Yokohama-Kawasaki International Port Corporation

Listen to Sakura Kuma who has a holistic view of the port. She has worked as a terminal operator, business developer, landlord, port investments and she thinks that being able to walk in someone else’s shoes makes you more understanding of different perspectives. Sakura works with marketing & sales right now but her mind is geared towards CSR and how to become a responsible port contributing to the future development of the maritime industry.

Sakura gives tips on a book to read now called Up...


135 Sarah E. Brennan, Deputy Chief, Safety and Security Operations, United States Coast Guard

Please accept my apologies for this late release of the 135th episode of the Shipping Podcast. There are so many things to take care of during this pandemic and I was caught a little bit off guard with how to proceed with the interviews.

Last week I was fortunate to get hold of Sarah Brennan, Lieutenant Commander of the US Coast Guard, who was kind enough to jump on a Zoom call with me and talk about what it’s like to be a maritime investigator and how many cool jobs she has had within the Coast...


Mayte Medina, Chief of Office of Merchant Mariner Credential, Commercial Regulations and Standards Directorate, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, the U.S. Coast Guard

Meet Mayte Medina, Chair of the IMO HTW Sub-committee, (Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping) representing the US Coast Guard at IMO.

Mayte was born and raised in Panama and dreamt of becoming a Panama Canal Pilot as a little girl. She ended up working for the Panama Administration for 7 years after she graduated from Kings Point and sailed for a couple of years. Mayte has been working in the development and implementation of domestic and international maritime safety, security and...


Fran Collins, CEO, Red Funnel

Happy New Year 2020!

We are kicking off the new decade with Fran Collins, Chief Executive Officer, Red Funnel. Fran has a dual license and has trained to become both a Master Mariner and a Chief Engineer, however, the life on the Bridge seems to interest her more.

What Fran is sharing with us is music to my ears. We speak about what impact connectivity has had on life onboard, how people now know what they are missing at home and how that can be a double sword. Fran brings up the culture change...


Nicola Good, Head of Brand and External Relations, Marine & Offshore, Lloyd’s Register

Nicola Good, a maritime communicator, used to work as a maritime journalist for some 20 years but have now swopped to be the Head of Brand and External Relations at Lloyd’s Register Marine & Offshore department. What is the difference?

How do we become more visible to the general public, how many times have you heard me put that question to my guest? A hundred? Well, Nicola is actually able to give some good advice and she is also coming up with some explanations on why we are stuck where...


Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal, CEO Golden Ocean Management AS

Meet Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal, CEO of Golden Ocean Management AS in Oslo. Birgitte is one of the #WomeninShipping that is more often interviewed by the trade press than others, that comes with the task of being the CEO of a listed company.

In spite of that, Birgitte doesn’t see herself as a role model even though she understands that others do that. We talk about her background and what she thinks about the future and she gives good advice to young people who just started in the maritime...


Deborah Layde, Grants Director, Seafarers UK

In episode 116, we meet Deborah Layde, Grants Director at Seafarers UK, is a leading provider of grants to maritime charities and charitable maritime projects, working to help serving and ex-serving seafarers and their families who are experiencing hardship.

Deborah is quite new at her job, previously in her career, she worked for Sir Terence Conran and also with developing the Butler’s Wharf into what it is today. I get a chance to ask Deborah what she thinks about entering the maritime...


Helle Hammer, Managing Director, CEFOR, the Nordic Association of Marine Insurers


In episode 103, I finally got the chance to sit down and speak with Helle Hammer, Managing Director, CEFOR. Our paths have never crossed before, we just know each other through mutual friends in the marine insurance industry. 

I am happy that we got some time to speak about what it’s like to be a female role model, what a lobbyist do and why it’s so interesting with all the changes taking place right now.

Listen to Helle and give your comments on what she is saying, do you agree? Are we in a...


Cynthia A. Hudson, CEO HudsonAnalytix


What is the approach to cybersecurity in the maritime sector? Is there enough awareness to make the right decisions?

Meet Cynthia A. Hudson, CEO HudsonAnalytix, who I sat down with whilst at Podcast Movement in Philadelphia, USA last Summer. She underlines the importance of looking upon risk management more holistic and to gain knowledge about the various threats from cyberspace that the shipping company or ship management company faces. 

Internet of things, it’s the internet of the sea now....