How to build a sustainable future in the marine industry

How to build a sustainable future in the marine industry

Building a sustainable future for the marine industry
What will the marine industry look like in 2030? We asked a leading industry analyst for insights.

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How to move toward emissions targets without sacrificing performance
Global shipping activity is estimated to create 2-3% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Lowering the industry’s environmental impact and meeting emissions targets established by the...

5 Major Ports Of Vietnam

Saigon Port

Vietnam is one of the most densely populated countries of South East Asia, with an estimated population of 96 million. Vietnam is bordered by China, and Laos & Cambodia in the North and West respectively.

Vietnam shares a border with Thailand through the Gulf of Thailand. Major maritime commercial activities in Vietnam are carried out through the South China Sea in the East and South.

The Chinese intervention in the medieval era and then the French colonisation in the late 18th Century resulted...

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