Rising LSFO Costs Threaten Shipping Lines

  • Alphaliner has reported instances of idle containerships waiting for compliant fuel.
  • Several laden ships are at anchor waiting for LSFO bunker.
  • Singapore-based PIL is the most affected with six vessels anchored off its home port.
  • Singapore has a high demand for LSFO for the compliant fuel to over $700 per ton.
  • Intra-Asia carriers will be badly hit as HFO industry bunkers were available at below $300 per ton.
  • Rotterdam is showing a wide disparity with Singapore, with LSFO currently at $580 per...


Port of Beirut explosion forces diversion of vessels

Time seems to have stopped at the Port of Beirut. The Beirut Container Terminal Consortium (BCTC) vessel schedule has not been updated since Tuesday’s massive explosion obliterated Lebanon’s principal port.

The BCTC website was down in the hours following the blast, believed to have been caused by ammonium nitrate stored in one of 12 warehouses at the Port of Beirut, at approximately 6 p.m. Tuesday. Although the site was back up Thursday, the vessel schedule shows the arrival of the CMA CGM Lyra...


CMA CGM Reports One Staff Member Missing After Explosions At Beirut Port

CMA CGM Tampa Bay Dalila Visit_3

Deeply rooted in Lebanon, the CMA CGM Group has launched an emergency plan to conduct a thorough health and safety assessment of its 261 staff members based in Beirut.

At this stage, the preliminary toll shows two seriously injured and many minor injuries. One member of our staff at the port is currently missing. We are doing our utmost, in collaboration with the local authorities, to find him.

The Group’s headquarters in Lebanon, located a few hundred meters from the site of the explosion, was...


Maersk and MSC upgrade Asia-Europe sweeper to a weekly service

The 2M Alliance has upgraded its fortnightly Asia-Europe sweeper service to weekly, as demand and freight rates continue to rise on the tradelane.
Dubbed The Griffin by MSC and simply “a sweeper” by Maersk, the inducement sailing was launched at the end of June to mitigate the impact of the temporary suspension of the AE2/Swan loop.
Both the 2M partners initially advised their customers that the service would only be maintained if …

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Top Global Carriers Bunch Closer Forming a Three-tiered Structure

According to analysts, there is an emergence of a three-tiered structure among the world’s top liners, reports Splash 247.

Carriers bunching together

During the pandemic the sizes of the fleets of the top four carriers have bunched closer together. 

The next three have grouped closer and a third grouping made up of Yang Ming and HMM has become more equalised in recent months.

Three-tiered structure 

Copenhagen-based Sea-Intelligence analysts reports stated that emergence of a three-tiered structure...


CMA CGM worker among missing in Beirut

Two tons of ammonium nitrate was used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that brought down a federal building and killed 168 people. More than 2,700 tons of the chemical used in fertilizer and bombs is believed to have detonated Tuesday and destroyed the Port of Beirut, leveled surrounding neighborhoods, injured at least 4,000 people and killed more than 110. 

Officials in Lebanon are saying the ammonium nitrate had been stored in a warehouse since it was confiscated in 2014.

The death toll is...


Beirut death toll rises as PM vows retribution on those responsible

Authorities in Lebanon say that some 2,750tonnes of ammonium nitrate were ignited following a fire at a nearby warehouse where fireworks were stored, causing the massive explosion and subsequent fire that has seen at least 100 people and 4,000 injured crowding Beirut’s hospitals.

Vessel tracker Marine Traffic shows the 11,000TEU CMA CGM Lyra currently docked in Beirut Port. However, security consultancy Dryad Global said the general cargo vessel Raouf H, owned by Lebanese company Cedar Marine,...


Supply chain radar: Hapag-Lloyd – The first cut is the deepest

The extent to which capital markets can end up being a casino for supply chain actors has been fully shown by Germany’s Hapag-Lloyd and its share price action in recent weeks.
Nothing new?
From stock to bond market woes, before its dismal equity performance the spotlight was on the fall and rise of its bigger rival, CMA CGM – for more background, please check out the first chart here, in case you …

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