PIL selects Lloyd’s Register to boost fleet energy efficiency

Singapore-based shipping company Pacific International Lines (PIL) has engaged Lloyd’s Register fleet optimisation experts, i4 Insight, to help the company reduce emissions and maximise fleet performance with a four-year fleet-wide agreement.

The i4 Insight platform powers PIL’s recently opened Centre for Maritime Efficiency (CME), which uses shoreside routing services as the technological backbone for achieving the company’s goals.

LR Digital Solutions division CEO, Martin Taylor, said, “The CME...


Capital increase in TORM due to exercise of Restricted Share Units as part of TORM’s incentive program

TORM plc (“TORM”) increases its share capital by 21,267 A-shares (corresponding to a nominal value of USD 212.67) as a result of the exercise of a corresponding number of Restricted Share Units. The capital increase is carried out without any pre-emption rights for existing shareholders or others....


U.S. natgas drops 5% on forecasts for milder weather, lower heating demand

U.S. natural gas futures dropped about 5% to a 21-month low on Monday on forecasts for warmer weather and lower heating demand through the middle of February than previously expected. Gas prices have also been under pressure in recent weeks by growing beliefs in the market that there was more than...


Supply and Demand Disparity Hits Transatlantic

Credit: Ian Simmonds/Unsplash

Too much capacity is being injected into the Transatlantic tradelane, suggesting rates are likely to topple. The Transatlantic’s high of full ships and strong rates in 2022 has started to slip due to overcapacity, as carriers redeploy tonnage into the trade from other areas, reports Riviera Maritime Media.

2022 was the best year!

Atlantic Container Line (ACL) chief executive Andrew Abbott sums it up, “2022 was the best year in ACL’s history, it was unbelievable, and...


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