Rough Sea Topples 40 Containers in a China To Melbourne Bound Cargo Ship

  • Authorities reveal the items contained within 40 containers that fell overboard from a cargo ship during rough conditions off.
  • This unexpected turn of events take place in the Australia’s east coast on Sunday.
  • NSW residents find unusual cargo washed ashore, which includes packets of surgical face masks and other medical protective gear sent from China.

A recently published article in 7 News written by Summer Woolley reveals how the containers have been washed ashore.  The container contains...

The Limits of China’s Ecological Redline System

[By Wang Chunhui]

In late March, a case of plagiarism brought the chaotic state of China’s environmental impact assessment system to public attention. But the debate largely overlooked a related and equally important matter: the questionable binding power of ecological redlines, a system the central government has hailed as “unbreachable” and as “fortifying the foundations for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation”.

Plagiarism – and ignoring redlines

The environmental impact assessment...

World’s First Boat With Air-Filled Swinging Bulb Keel Gets Under Way

Danish startup Dacoma is turning canting keel technology upside down by fitting an air tank – rather than a lead weight – inside of the keel bulb. 

The canting keel is a device found in offshore racing, particularly in the largest vessel classes. It minimizes a monohull sailing yacht's angle of heel and keeps down keel mass at the same time. The canting keel features a long strut connecting a bulb keel to the bottom of the hull, along with an actuating mechanism to swing the assembly to windward...

Boxship Suffers Cargo Fire!

COSCO container ship suffered fire in one of the cargo holds early May 25 and probably lost containers overboard, reports Maritime Bulletin.

What happened?

Container ship COSCO SAO PAULO arrived from Durban was anchored in rough weather at Cape Town outer anchorage on May 25. 

It was reported that the ship experienced heavy roll but wasn’t allowed to enter port, she suffered fire in one of cargo holds early May 25. 

Lost containers?

It was suspected that she lost some of the containers while...

Top Port in Copenhagen Forced To Layoff 55 Employees

  • The rising financial crisis due to coronavirus pandemic has forced the Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) to terminate 55 employees in Copenhagen.
  • It was to secure the future functioning of CMP as a port operator and manager of critical infrastructure.
  • The layoffs concern both dockworkers and office workers.

A recently published article in CMP Copenhagen Malmo Port website, explains the tough times the port management faces.  As a result, they are forced to terminate 55 employees in Copenhagen.


World’s Biggest Ship Gets Small Parts Delivery – By Drone

On May 22, the port of Rotterdam was able to celebrate a first for the Netherlands: an unmanned aerial drone delivery of parts to a merchant vessel. In the pilot experiment, a sandwich-sized computer network switch was delivered by drone to Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit, the largest vessel by displacement in the world. Pioneering Spirit is currently moored at Alexiahaven, Rotterdam in preparation for her next project.

The pilot was set up by Dutch Drone Delta, Allseas and the Port of Rotterdam...