Air Canada Cargo to provide year-round capacity in Europe

AIR Canada Cargo is extending year-round cargo operations to key European cities previously only served during the summer, reports London’s AviationSource. This decision by Air Canada’s cargo division mirrors a similar move to extend passenger services to a year-round basis. A noteworthy development in the strategy of Canada’s national airline is the commitment to providing year-round capacity on specific routes. For instance, the Montreal to Rome route will continue operating year-round....

Noatum Announces the Divestment of Minority Shares in Barcelona Container Depot Service Group

AD Ports Group (ADX: ADPORTS) announces that Noatum, which now leads its Logistics Cluster operations, completed the divestment of its 27.9% stake in Barcelona Container Depot Service Group (BCDS) for an equity value of EUR 11 million, resulting in a one-off capital gain of EUR 10 million. BCDS is...

Transit Reservation System Rule Changes

Credits: Shaah Shahidh/ unsplash

A Norton Lilly news source deals with the modifications to the rules that govern the transit reservation system.

Modifications to the Rules that Govern the Transit Reservation System

Due to the ongoing water crisis currently experienced in the Canal watershed, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) finds it necessary to implement additional changes to the Transit Reservation System rules, based on the reduction in daily transit capacity.

Therefore, effective November 1,...

3 Supply Chain Security Trends

The supply chain is aptly-named; it’s an intricate weave of interconnected links, each one reliant on the security of the whole. This vast network, stretching from raw materials to consumption, has vulnerabilities at every point of the chain.

Recognizing and mitigating these vulnerabilities is essential to ensure the seamless flow of goods and services. Here, we look at three supply chain security trends that are helping to protect the resilience of this critical part of global commerce.


Shein changes to bring Chinese goods closer to US shoppers

SHEIN, the prominent e-commerce giant recognised for its affordable clothing and home goods, expedites shipping for US customers by importing more low-priced products directly into American warehouses from China, reports Reuters. This development revealed through data provided exclusively by global trade analysis firm ImportGenius, signifies a strategic move by Shein to reduce delivery times. Previously, Shein customers in the United States often experienced waiting periods of two weeks or...

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