In the shadows: Ship Technology Global Issue 79

Shipping, to many, is something of an afterthought. Raw materials and goods are moved around the globe thanks to the vast network of routes around our oceans, and many of us are naive to the fact that the products we use in our everyday lives are available thanks to this – that is, until something goes wrong.

In our cover story, we look at the shadow conflict between Iran and Israel, and how geopolitics can have an impact on the logistics of goods from region to region.

In this issue, we also...

Danish Maritime Authority Introduces Digital Certificates For Seafarers & Companies

digital certificates on phone

The Danish Maritime Authority is launching digital certificates for seafarers as well as a number of other digital self-service solutions for shipping companies, staffing companies and educational institutions.

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Get a quick overview of the new self-service solutions:

    • Seafarers: Manage your own career and access digital certificates, applications, qualifications as well as seagoing service.
    • Seafarers app: A new app for easier access to self-service and your digital...

IMO-Singapore Maritime Project To Implement Digital Ship Clearance System In Angola Port

Angola SWIFT

IMO-Singapore project to implement digital ship clearance system in the Port of Lobito, Angola – the aim is to support more ports in future. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Singapore have selected the Port of Lobito (Angola) for a pilot project to establish an efficient digitalized system for the electronic exchange of information in ports for ship clearance.

The Single Window for Facilitation of Trade (SWiFT) Project was launched in March 2021 with a call for expressions of...

How to build a sustainable future in the marine industry

How to build a sustainable future in the marine industry

Building a sustainable future for the marine industry
What will the marine industry look like in 2030? We asked a leading industry analyst for insights.

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How to move toward emissions targets without sacrificing performance
Global shipping activity is estimated to create 2-3% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Lowering the industry’s environmental impact and meeting emissions targets established by the...

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