China’s tech future depends on children and surveillance

If the children of China face a prosperous future, it’s probably down to their country’s bountiful tech industry. One side of the story sees the benefits of consumer wares from Tencent, Alibaba and other technology giants. The other side is about cutting-edge surveillance that keeps the adults of tomorrow under constant supervision. Big Beijing is watching you.

As a GlobalData analysis on tech in China reports, the republic is finding it “easier than before” to extend its so-called Great...

Helping the maritime industry spot wildlife crimes

On 21 July WWF and TRAFFIC – a non-governmental organisation that works globally on trade in animals and plants to address biodiversity conservation and sustainable development concerns – released a guidance document drawing attention to the red flags which indicate illegal wildlife trade within the containerised shipping industry.

The Red Flag Compendium for Wildlife and Timber Trafficking in Containerised Cargo aims to alert shipping companies to the loopholes within the system which can allow...

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