Engine room checked every half an hour, captain of fire-destroyed ship tells hearing

Crew members on passenger vessel Spirit of Norfolk (IMO 8861618) checked the engine room of the ship every 30 minutes as a safety precaution and had done so shortly before a fire broke out, the captain of the ship testified on Friday January 27th, the second day of a US Coast Guard formal hearing...


US Coast Guard takes aim at AIS-disabling fishing vessels

The Columbia River unit of the US Coast Guard has taken action against fishing vessels that turn off their AIS in order to keep secret the location of their crab pots. Operating “dark” is a common procedure in the Northwest’s coastal fisheries because fishers do not want their rivals to know where...


New probe into 1994 sinking of the Estonia reveals construction flaws

Officials have said that a new investigation into the sinking of the ferry Estonia in the Baltic Sea in 1994, which claimed 852 lives, had revealed flaws in its bow visor construction that had been missed during its certification. They said that if the examination had been carried out the...


Silver nitrate testing of cargo holds for carriage of steel cargoes

American Club has noted that silver nitrate testing for the presence of sodium chloride (salt) in cargo holds prior to loading was an important practice to prevent claims for damage to steel cargoes. The Club emphasized that, as part of the standard pre-load survey for transporting steel cargoes,...


New Indian rules on ship ages unlikely to have much impact on global merchant fleet:research

Athens, Greece-based Xclusiv Shipbrokers has broken down what the new Indian rules on ship ages (IMN, January 25th) will mean in practice, and have concluded that they will probably have only a tiny effect on the global merchant fleet. The new proposed rules will mean that no bulk carrier, tanker...


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