China’s Aircraft Carrier Shandong Launches 240 Sorties in Philippine Sea

CNS Shandong launches aircraft in the Philippine Sea. JMSDF Photo

China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy Shandong Carrier Strike Group conducted 240 fighter aircraft launches and recoveries and 140 helicopter take-offs and landings over the course of a week operating in the Philippine Sea, according to a Tuesday news release from Japan’s Joint Staff Office (JSO).
The CSG is still deployed in the area. On Tuesday, the JSO issued a release covering the daily location and composition of the...

DHL Express outsources 777 operations to Chinese airline

DHL Express will hand Central Airlines a pair of Boeing 777 freighter aircraft to operate on its behalf on routes from China. This will be the first time the global logistics integrator has partnered with a domestic Chinese airline to support its air cargo network. 

DHL’s deployment of cargo jets to Central Airlines provides extra capacity for Chinese companies to reach global markets, especially e-commerce platforms that are heavily booking commercial aircraft to fulfill cross-border consumer...

Joint Chinese, Russian Naval Drills Start in South China Sea

Russian Corvettes underway in the Pacific. JMSDF Photo

The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) and the Russian Navy launched a joint naval exercise on Sunday that will take place in the South China Sea. Also on Sunday, a separate joint naval patrol by the two navies also entered the South China Sea.
Joint Sea 2024 has been an ongoing event since 2012, according to a Russian Ministry of Defense release on the exercise. The MoD added that the first joint naval exercise of the Russian Navy and the...

Japanese Defense White Paper Warns Pacific at Greatest Risk Since WWII

Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning in the Philippine Sea. JSDF Photo

In its annual defense white paper released on Friday, Japan’s Ministry of Defense warned that the possibility of a situation similar to Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine occurring in the Indo-Pacific. Japan also again singling out China, North Korea and Russia as threats to Japan and the region.

Meanwhile, the head of Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force has resigned over misconduct by JMSDF personnel, namely routine mishandling...

Uva: Acceso a China y otros mercados ayudará al Perú a mantener liderazgo mundial

El ingreso aéreo mejorará los despachos de uva a China que ya ingresan vía marítima. El año pasado Perú fue su segundo proveedor al representar el 30.7 % del total, solo superado por Australia que concentró el 31.1 %. Otros fueron Chile (30.4 %) y con porcentajes menores Sudáfrica e India.

China Sends Record Number of Military Aircraft to Drill Near Taiwan, Japan Releases Report on Helicopter Accident

A People’s Liberation Army Navy bomber off the coast of Taiwan on July 10, 2024. Taiwan MND Photo

China surged 66 military aircraft near Taiwan over Wednesday and Thursday ­– the largest sortie for this year, according to the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense. Fifty-six aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait and of those 36 People’s Liberation Army Navy’s drilled with the Shandong Carrier Strike Group, according to MND.

The aircraft and seven Chinese warships were seen from 6...

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