Traditional Medicines Show Promising Results in COVID-19 Clinical Trials

  • Experts and doctors have provided clinical trial data on the efficacy and safety of TCM and LH.
  • The capsules relieve symptoms and increase the cure rate of patients with mild symptoms.
  • Trial data showed after 14 days of regular treatment, assisted with LH capsules.
  • Treatment with LH capsules for 14 days resulted in a significantly higher recovery rate.
  • LH is a TCM containing 13 herbs, including Lonicera japonica, Forsythia suspense, and Rhodiola rosea.
  • It has been marketed since the SARS...

Sociedad Portuaria Buenaventura carga primeras 24 toneladas de Aguacate Hass para China

Sociedad Portuaria Buenaventura carga primeras 24 toneladas de Aguacate Hass para China Con la exportación de 24 toneladas de aguacate hass, las cuales se cargaron desde las instalaciones de la Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura, Colombia realizó por primera vez en la historia la comercialización de esta fruta con destino a Shanghái (China). Esta exportación […]

Esta entrada Sociedad Portuaria Buenaventura carga primeras 24 toneladas de Aguacate Hass para China Aparece primero en FullAva...

More air cargo finds its sea legs during COVID-19

Escalating airfreight transportation rates and capacity shortages out of China in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic have led many shippers to try hybrid services that combine sea and air modes.

So-called “sea-air” services offered by some global freight forwarders and non-vessel-operating common carriers (NVOCCs) have been around for decades, but they tend to come and go depending on airfreight market conditions.

Mortan Bach, global chief commercial officer, Shipco Trasport (Courtesy...

Asia Oil Margin Hit As China Refineries Goes for Record Oil Export

Reuters Graphic

According to a Reuters report written by Clyde Russell, the rebound in China’s crude oil processing in April looms large over Asia’s refineries, which are already battling weak profit margins from the slump in fuel demand caused by lockdowns aimed at containing the coronavirus pandemic.

A Recovery In Fuel Demand
  • China’s refineries processed the equivalent of 13.1 million barrels per day (bpd) in April, up from a 15-month low of 11.78 million bpd in March, according to calculations based on...

117 VLCC Tankers Transport Super Cheap Crude Oil for Unloading

  • China is taking advantage of the cheapest crude oil in years.
  • It is stocking up as demand is starting to return to the world’s largest oil importer.
  • 117 VLCCs with a capacity of 2 million barrels of oil – are traveling to China for unloading.
  • China expects at least 230 million barrels of oil over the next three months.
  • China’s oil refiners were already buying ultra-cheap spot cargoes.
  • China’s crude oil imports jumped in April to about 9.84 million bpd.

According to an article published in Oil...