Study Reveals – A Majority Of Companies Working On The NSR Are European

There are few Asian shipping companies and operators working on the Northern Sea Route compared to the number of European companies. Much more frequent voyages are also taking place between the NSR and European ports than ports in the Asian Pacific region, a new study by senior researcher Björn Gunnarsson at CHNL finds, reports North High News.

 A different reality 
“There are much fewer Asian shipping companies working on the NSR [Northern Sea Route] than European companies, contrary to media...

Polar vortex drives gas and coal prices to new highs, freight rates leap

An extraordinarily cold winter across East Asia is sending prices for coal and LNG through the roof, and sparking sensational growth in freight rates for LNG carriers and capesizes as utilities scramble to keep their customers warm. The cold snap – widely tipped as being down to the polar vortex, a...

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