A 26 Year Old Surfer Dies After Being Attacked By A Shark Off The Coast Of California (VIDEO)

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The 26-year-old victim died in the same place where the attack happened.

Santa Cruz County Police in California, United States reported  that a man who was surfing died as a result of a shark attack. 

The shark attack, whose species was not identified, occurred on Sand Dollar beach at half past one in the afternoon. The 26-year-old victim was pronounced dead by the police at...


Huge White Shark Known As Katherine, Reappears After Disappearing From Radar A Year Ago

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It is an animal of 1,043 kilograms and 4.5 meters long, but experts believe that it can now be “much bigger” and “significantly larger”.

The marine research organization Ocearch has announced that the huge white shark known as Katherine has reappeared. Since May 2019, scientists have stopped obtaining information on his whereabouts from transmitters.

It is an animal of 2,300 pounds (1,043 kilograms) and 4.5 meters long, whose...


Russia’s “Nuclear Titanic” That Cannot Sink Even In The Face of a tsunami sails through the Arctic And Causes Fear

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With Alaska’s permission and the most elaborate science fiction fantasies, the last frontier is in the Arctic. The thaw brought by global warming has sparked the interest of the countries of the region for resources, and others who can take advantage of the trade route that could open up in the north of the planet. But first you have to create infrastructure, which is what Russia is doing. The last one is a floating nuclear station, the...