COVID Positive Crew Member Results In Cancellation Of Hong Kong’s ‘Cruise To Nowhere’

cruise sunset

Authorities prevented a cruise ship in Hong Kong from departing the city’s terminal on Thursday as a crew member was suspected to be COVID positive.

The Spectrum of the Seas ship had been scheduled to start a “cruise to nowhere” journey in the nearby waters, only for completely vaccinated guests. It was also restricted to half capacity and for those who tested negative for COVID-19 48 hours before the trip commenced.

About 1,000 out of 1,200 passengers had boarded the vessel before the four-night...

Shippers must be proactive to thrive this peak season

Pandemic-related headwinds led to a frenzied peak season in 2020, delivering sky-high rates, shipping delays and manufacturing shortages. Demand has continued to outpace supply throughout all of 2021, and shippers can expect to face many of the challenges as last year heading into this holiday season.

A recent survey conducted by FreightWaves and Redwood Logistics revealed that over 90% of surveyed shippers have dedicated more funds to transportation throughout 2021 than they did in 2020. The...

Almost 100,000 Filipino Seafarers Successfully Vaccinated Against COVID-19

So far, almost 100,000 Filipino seafarers have been vaccinated against COVID-19. This has boosted their chances to be hired once again by foreign shipping enterprises.

Per the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines or TUCP, rehiring of seafarers from the Philippines is increasing since they were made a part of priority COVID-19 vaccination groups.

From nearly 470,000 Filipino seafarers who were employed in 2019, only about 252,000 seafarers could leave in 2020 owing to the lockdown brought about...

Bjørn Højgaard goes on the offensive in ongoing crew change crisis, calls for ports boycott

Bjørn Højgaard, CEO of Hong Kong shipmanagement giant Anglo-Eastern Univan Group, has gone on the attack, determined to highlight who he sees as the real cause of the ongoing crew change crisis, namely port states. In a widely read post on LinkedIn, the well known name in shipmanagement questioned...

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