Familiar ring: BlackBerry touts reliability of asset-tracking device 

LONG BEACH, Calif. — The Blackberry was a status symbol 15 years ago. It was iconic enough that a new U.S. president was concerned he wasn’t going to be able to keep his. 

Alas, Apple and others knocked BlackBerry off its cellphone perch and the company pivoted. With that much knowledge of software and, in particular, secure communications — which was always a strong Blackberry selling point — the company became a supplier of software that specialized in cybersecurity.

But it also got into the...


197 Johan Woxenius, professor of Maritime Transport Management and Logistics at University of Gothenburg

It’s difficult to see the consequences of the current crises

Finally, an in-person interview again! But, of course, there is a difference between having a screen in between my guest and me.

I went to the University of Gothenburg and met Johan Woxenius, a professor of Maritime Transport Management and Logistics and asked him about maritime transport in the logistical chains.

Johan thinks we have a few turbulent years ahead of us. So many crises at the same time that we are in the middle of...


American Eagle logistics arm Quiet Platforms partners with FourKites

American Eagle quiet platforms logistics

American Eagle Outfitters (NYSE: AEO) continues to deliver on its mission to become a logistics powerhouse.

The retailer’s logistics arm, Quiet Platforms, which Chief Supply Chain Officer Shekar Natarajan has dubbed the “anti-Amazon,” on Thursday announced a partnership with supply chain visibility leader FourKites to help customers track the movement of inventory in real time.

Quiet last month officially launched its flagship Delivery Network, which pools the logistics assets of different...


Goods Movement Alliance enters California supply chain advocacy scene

Between the docks and warehouses of Southern California and the state’s AB5 law on independent contractors, California plays an outsized role in the U.S. logistics sector.

And now a lot of once disparate groups that were exposed to supply chain issues but had never worked together on shared interests have a new umbrella under which to stand.

It is called the Goods Movement Alliance. Formed in August, the alliance was described by Matthew Hargrove, its co-chair, as mostly an association of...


Attabotics reveals 1st commercialized 3D robot

The Attabot 2022

Attabotics on Monday revealed its first commercialized robot, Attabot 2022, as part of the world’s first 3D robotics supply chain system.

The Alberta, Canada-based company seeks to revolutionize the supply chain industry through the use of vertical storage structures, populated by highly efficient 3D robotics. The Attabot 2022 is the company’s first commercialized proprietary robot.

“Now we actually have not an expression of an idea, but it’s now the product we were always building towards,”...


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