Kingfeels Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Kingfeels Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in PV mounting systems. With the backing of Fujian Shuangheng Group, a leading aluminum extrusion factory, Kingfeels ensures quality control from ingot melting to product delivery. Their diverse product portfolio includes roof mounting, ground mount, aluminum ground mount, steel mounting system, solar carport, solar farm, components, solar mounting kits, and solar ground screws. Kingfeels has a strong focus on innovation and holds over 50 technical patents. They prioritize customer satisfaction and provide all-round, one-stop customized solutions. With a 12-year warranty and 25-year lifespan guarantee, Kingfeels has established a global presence, selling their products in over 100 countries and accumulating an installation capacity of 8GW+.

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Seekh Kabab

Soya Seekh Kabab Is A Vegetarian Kabab that is so delicious & Nutritious Kabab made from Soy granules, it is the best veg seekh kabab presented by vezlay in the market. The recipe of Seekh Kabab is formulated with the blend of herbs & spices. Our special recipe enhances the authentic taste Of traditional Seekh Kabab or serve these Vegetarian Kababs with drinks or as side dishes in a meal or as snacks.

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Local Marketing Mastermind and SEO Conference – Web 2.0 Ranker

Marketing Conference 2021: If You Want This For Your Agency, Show Up To Philly Nov 5th-7th

It’s time to get real about what it takes to scale an agency. Local Marketing Mastermind & SEO Conference 2021 is the only event that offers you three days of hands-on education in an environment with interactive workshops and a day of high-level content delivered by expert speakers on topics such as Building Your Agency’s Lead Funnel, Proven Processes for Organic Search, High-Converting Discovery Audits & Sales Phases, Automating Your Agency & Sales Pipeline, Closing More Sales and Handling Objections.

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Ocean Innovation Africa 2021 – online/in-person hybrid event

Unleash the Power of African Innovators

Ocean Innovation Africa is a platform that showcases African ocean-impact initiatives and convenes international  entrepreneurs, corporate entities, investment groups, research groups, NPOs, and authorities working in the Blue Economy ecosystem in Africa. We believe that innovations led by science, technology and entrepreneurship will provide the necessary leverage points to deliver system level impact, substantially contributing to solving ocean pollution, over-exploitation of ocean resources and climate change, at a magnitude and pace matching those of the ocean crisis.

OIA 2021 will run as a hybrid event – with live keynote and panel discussions, startup pitches, workshops, B2B meeting programme, and ocean-impact innovations exhibited at the V&A Waterfront on Friday the 5th of November. The live event will be recorded and rebroadcast as part of the virtual programme running on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th of November. We will also be hosting the African Chapter of the Ocean Hackathon at the V&A over the conference weekend, where local teams will compete building AI-based ocean-impact algorithms to see who goes through to the world final in Brest.

Last year’s online conference attracted over 60 speakers and 500 delegates from the likes of the United Nations, the African Union, the World Economic Forum, Catalyst Fund, BFA Global, Blue Ocean Partners, Fynd Ocean Ventures, IRENA, Damen Shipyards, and WWF, among others. Headline panel discussions dealt with early-stage private capital investment, building the pipeline of blue-economy startups, and a high-level policy discussion by representatives of governmental and intergovernmental Blue Economy authorities.

Whether you are looking to transition to a more ocean-friendly business model, find inspiration and strategies for your startup business, looking for ocean-conscious solution providers, or ocean-conscious investors, or seeking to benchmark the current trends in Blue Economic development, Ocean Innovation Africa promises to provide a wealth of insights and networking opportunities at the 2021 event.

Save the dates:

5th November – live conference and expo at V&A

6th + 7th November – Hackathon live at V&A

8th + 9th November – online conference and expo

Visit or contact Rex Bowden (+27 747 888 147) for more information about the event, exhibitor options and sponsorship opportunities.

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Customisation is the future for vessel connectivity

In this digital age, maritime communications are set to move away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach to become fully customisable, predicts connectivity specialist IEC Telecom.

As it launches its new comprehensive suite of applications for use across a wide range of maritime sectors, IEC Telecom says having the flexibility to provide individual, customised solutions across fleets and even for individual vessels is the next step in the digital revolution.

Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS at IEC Telecom Group, said: “Customisation using individual solutions will play a leading role in the future of maritime digitalisation. The advanced sectors of the industry are already moving away from the need to have different systems and devices. Instead, future maritime communications will be housed in one device, fully customisable, adaptable and upgradeable whatever, whenever and wherever you need.

“We are delighted to offer this additional layer of services to meet the requirements of our maritime clients across the globe,” he said.

OptiSoft offers a wide range of advanced communication services optimised for the maritime industry including reliable email management, advanced cyber security, robust data transfer, and remote configuration, as well as enabling a range of vessel administration processes.

The suite of services is managed via a cloud-based dashboard which can be accessed by any web-enabled device. The applications can be added or amended remotely, giving a high-level of flexibility to the system.

OptiSoft’s suite of applications currently includes:
•    OneMail – Cost-efficient email management for small vessels
•    OneMailPro – Email management application for corporate networks with multiple users
•    OneCover –  Comprehensive antivirus solution
•    OneShare –  coming soon – this advanced file-transfer service enables efficient sea to shore data transmission  

OptiSoft services can be accessed via a connected laptop with lowest bandwidth requirements. Hence the new portfolio of services is affordable both to small and large vessels. Although OptiSoft does not require any specialised hardware, vessel owners can maximise its performance with IEC Telecom’s OneGate system. Combined, these two solutions will offer a 360 toolkit for marine communication, supported by advanced network management features including filtration, QoS, LTE-failover and more.

Mr Ben Soussia added: “Having worked with the maritime sector for many years we are able to identify what our customers need and produce solutions which are futureproof. OptiSoft will transform the way you operate your fleet connectivity.

“In addition, all of these advanced applications have been developed to include a strong element of cyber security – protecting your vessel systems while helping you to comply with the latest cyber security regulations, including the IMO’s new guidelines. As industry requirements evolve, we are committed to supplying services which meet all demands.”

Christophe Verna propose une voile de traction auto portée pour cargos et porte-conteneurs

D’après l’inventeur, le marché promis à cette voile est énorme, tant du point de vue des économies d’énergies, que d’économies en dollars, car il concerne la consommation de 10 milliards de tonnes de fioul lourd/an.

Du point de vue écologique, si l’on prend seulement la moitié des chiffres relevés lors du voyage de la Skysails (voile  de kite géante) en 2008, soit 20%, cela donne l’économie d’1 milliard de tonnes de fioul lourd et sale brûlés par an.

Côté financier,  le prix du carburant marin à 0,5 % de soufre connaît déjà une forte poussée. Son prix était de l’ordre de 200 dollars la tonne en 2012. Il est passé à environ 400 dollars en 2016, il est négocié actuellement à 731 dollars ».

À 700 dollars la tonne, l’économie sera de 700 milliards de dollars/an.

Christophe Verna estime que sa voile, vu sa configuration, sera plus efficace qu’une voile volante classique à traction verticale.

L’inventeur explique qu’un premier brevet protège un système qui permet à la voile de s’élever par elle-même : , cette conformation cumulant trois avantages :

  • elle ne peut pas tomber à l’eau, même en cas d’absence de vent.
  • s’élevant par elle-même, elle ne nécessite pas de mât de mise en œuvre et récupération qui est un matériel très coûteux. 
  • limitée en élévation, elle tracte le bateau vers l’avant et non vers le haut, exploitant ainsi la force éolienne au maximum.

Toujours d’après l’inventeur, un second brevet protège un système qui permet à la voile auto portée de conserver son horizontalité par 4 procédés : .

Stabilisée à l’horizontale, elle est gouvernée depuis le bateau tracté en jouant sur les câbles de traction. 

L’inventeur estime que ses brevets se complètent pour constituer une voile répondant parfaitement à des critères d’efficacité auxquels aucune autre voile volante de traction classique ne peut prétendre.

L’inventeur, malgré de faibles moyens, a fait des démonstrations de faisabilité grâce à  trois prototypes :

Le premier, de 2 m2 :

Le deuxième, de 6 m2 :        

Le troisième, de 20 m2, auquel manquait deux ballons, de la main d’œuvre et de l’espace pour que la démonstration soit parfaitement concluante :

Aux dires de l’inventeur, malgré leurs imperfections,  ces trois prototypes montrent tous que cette voile, grâce à ses systèmes originaux :

  • S’élève seule,
  • Reste en l’air par ses propres moyens,
  • Qu’elle adopte une position horizontale constante,
  • Cette horizontalité la rend gouvernable en jouant sur les longueurs des câbles de traction bâbord ou tribord,  ce qui est unique pour une voile volante, c’était les buts visés par ces 2 dépôts de brevets.

Il est à noter que les volumes de sustentation participent à la traction du navire.

Monsieur Verna cherche actuellement un/des partenaires pour pousser plus avant le développement de cette voile.


Success of the first virtual Maritime Week Africa marks the maturity of organiser Petrospot’s digital events offering for the bunker sector

OXFORDSHIRE, 24 FEBRUARY 2021: Petrospot is pleased to celebrate the success of its latest edition of Maritime Week Africa, the longest-running and most popular bunkering event in the African continent.

Hosted virtually for the first time, Maritime Week Africa 2021 accrued a considerable international audience along with impressive local representation from the African region. Delegates from 24 African countries comprised more than one third of the total nations represented within the international audience across the two-day conference.

Now in its 12th year, Maritime Week Africa continues to demonstrate its strong reputation for attracting top-level speakers, bringing together the most important suppliers and buyers and highlighting the challenges and possibilities presented by the uniquely diverse African bunkering industry.

The virtual conference has garnered high praise from its delegates across the bunker industry. Speaking to his attendance of the conference, Adrian Tolson, Director and Lead at BLUE Insight, said: “For a continent whose bunkering activity is usually shrouded in mystery, the recent Petrospot Maritime Week Africa Conference lifted the veil for those who attended. The speakers and panelists are to be praised for the fact-based honesty of their presentations and the organizers for asking the difficult questions. The panel discussion on West Africa might be one of the most revealing ever for a bunkering event.  This conference remains a highlight of the “virtual era” – may it soon be over!”

Maritime Week Africa 2021 is the most recent in a programme of highly successful virtual bunker conferences produced by Petrospot throughout 2020 and 2021. Its predecessors include the Global Bunkering Summit, the Middle East Bunkering Convention, ARACON, and Maritime Week Americas.

Llewellyn Bankes-Hughes, Managing Director of Petrospot Ltd, said: “The impacts of COVID-19 have presented considerable challenges for events organisers across all industries. In spite of these obstacles, we at Petrospot are proud to have successfully navigated the transition towards digital delivery, and to have emerged as the leading provider of virtual conferencing for the bunker sector. Our virtual events continue to strengthen in engagement and popularity, and we look forward to integrating our digital offering into our traditional events calendar in the post-COVID world.”

Petrospot continues its schedule of virtual bunker events with Maritime Week Egypt, taking place on 19-20 May. Petrospot’s conference programme also covers broader areas of the maritime sector including decarbonisation, which will be the focus of the upcoming summit on 30-31 March, and maritime security, to be explored during MarSec21+ in April.


Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) is strengthening its position in the German and Northern European market by appointing Johann Meyer as Geschaeftsfuhrer and Joint Managing Director of CSM Deutschland in Hamburg. 

Mr Meyer will work alongside Carsten Sommerhage, CSM Deutschland Managing Director and Group COO, and have joint responsibility for all matters pertaining to this important office and area responsibility.   

CSM Deutschland plays an important role in the company’s expansion plans in Northern Europe and Turkey, as well as for the Group’s cruise, offshore and energy, superyacht and maritime service businesses. Alongside building up its managed fleet within Germany, Northern Europe and Turkey, the office is pivotal in managing these strategic partnerships and taking their development to the next level.

Johann Meyer has over 20 years’ experience in the shipping industry holding a variety of operational level positions before joining CSM Deutschland in August 2020 as Director of Operations. Prior to that, he worked in different Managing Partner/Managing Director positions within shipping companies, single ship entities, chartering companies and public funds.

Welcoming the news, Mr Meyer said: “I’m delighted to be joining Carsten and spearheading the company’s expansion across these markets. We will continue to focus our efforts on people; our staff, our crew, our clients, our service partners.”

Carsten Sommerhage, added: “Johann will be a tremendous asset to the team as he joins Joachim Brack, Director of Group Services & Strategic Partnerships, Norman Schmiedl as Group Crewing Director, Pablo Mussi, Technical Director, and myself in strengthening our position in the marketplace.”

Mark O’Neil, CEO, Columbia Shipmanagement said: “CSM Deutschland is a compelling proposition and with this management team and our staff in CSMD, we are well placed to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities we face moving into 2021.”

Wärtsilä and Ocean Technologies Group partner to deliver transformational learning solutions to improve safety and efficiency at sea

The leading provider of maritime smart Simulation and Training solutions Wärtsilä Voyage, and the leading maritime knowledge and technology solutions provider Ocean Technologies Group (OTG), have agreed to share their expertise and resources via a strategic partnership that will significantly enhance safety and efficiency in the maritime sector.

With complementary converging digital technologies and platforms, Wärtsilä Voyage and OTG will provide industry stakeholders in maritime learning – shipping companies, maritime training providers, manning agencies and seafarers – with a unique opportunity to be connected on a single end-to-end learning journey, combining on-demand digital training and assessment, virtual and simulation events via cloud-based solutions, and in-person learning experiences at maritime training centres or aboard ship.

“Effective use of Smart Marine technology by mariners and shore staff is a critical component of its successful implementation and ensures a smooth transition from traditional methods of operation”, said Sean Fernback, President, Wärtsilä Voyage. “By leveraging our combined smart learning technologies and mariner performance optimisation services, industry can achieve the desired outcome of operating with more efficient, safer, and environmentally aware mariners who are properly equipped to perform in a rapidly changing, digitised maritime industry.”

Initially the partnership makes Wärtsilä Voyage’s Cloud Simulation services and training catalogue available through OTG’s recently announced and significantly enhanced Ocean Learning Platform. The combined customer pool of over three thousand shipping companies and training centers, plus well over a million seafarers, will be able to access Wärtsilä training, assessment, and certification on an ‘on-demand’ basis, any time, and from anywhere in the world.

And this is just the beginning. Combining this with the learning, competence management and instructional tools provided by the Ocean Learning Platform, including cutting-edge solutions such as OTG’s virtual classroom and rapid e-learning, industry will be presented with the broadest and most comprehensive range of maritime specific digital learning solutions available in the market. For shipping companies and maritime training providers navigating the industry trend towards digital-learning, Wärtsilä Voyage and OTG are established and reliable partners providing a clear course to their destination.

“Our objective is to equip seafarers and users, with the most relevant knowledge and resources, not only in a training centre, but also online and at point of operation onboard ships and other sites. Our partnership with Wärtsilä makes ‘on-demand’ access to cloud simulation and type-specific training and technical resources available to seafarers and shore-based personnel, helping them gain proficiency in safely and efficiently operating sophisticated Wärtsilä equipment” said Manish Singh, Ocean Technology Group’s CEO.

KVH Partners with Smart Ship Hub for KVH Watch Maritime IoT Solution

Remote vessel and voyage management platform Smart Ship Hub will offer KVH Watch connectivity to enable actionable insights for vessels

MIDDLETOWN, RI – Feb. 25, 2021 – KVH Industries, Inc., (Nasdaq: KVHI), announced today that remote vessel and voyage management platform Smart Ship© Hub is now a KVH Watch® Solution Partner and will offer KVH Watch services as part of its wide range of remote technical and operational management solutions. The Smart Ship Hub platform provides performance advisory and predictive diagnostics for vessel performance optimization as well as remote video-based maintenance and surveys and a wide range of related services that rely on real-time data feeds.

“The pillars of Smart Ship Hub’s services include remote tracking, monitoring, and providing actionable insights to our customers so their vessels operate as safely and efficiently as possible,” says Joy Basu, CEO of Smart Ship Hub. “We look forward to using KVH Watch connectivity to enable video, image, and real-time machine data that provides situational awareness and the most accurate assessment of vessel condition at any moment.”

“It is exciting to see the possibilities for operational and cost benefits that a platform such as Smart Ship Hub can produce for maritime businesses,” says Sven Brooks, senior director of IoT business development for KVH. “KVH Watch will enable Smart Ship Hub to have access to the real-time data that will make their digital platform all the smarter and will allow them to conduct troubleshooting sessions to solve critical issues at sea. More importantly, it will allow Smart Ship Hub to deploy more digital services and features than ever before as KVH Watch removes the technical constraints and limitations imposed by the traditional satellite connection onboard.”

Getting information from a vessel to shore is essential for bringing the maritime ecosystem into the digital age. Real-time data from the vessel’s equipment is the starting point for performance optimization. However, the ship’s bandwidth is constantly contested by other users, so there are data limits that prevent an IoT service company from scaling its digital business properly. Furthermore, this limited bandwidth poses a bottleneck for any required video troubleshooting. There needs to be high-speed Internet connectivity to enable video troubleshooting while the vessel is at sea, which saves time and money in port. Network management and cybersecurity issues must also be addressed as shipowners often restrict access for external parties. Therefore, a dedicated IoT connectivity solution is critically important for reducing cyber risks by keeping OT (operational technology) data flow separate from the vessel’s IT (information technology) data flow. Satellite connectivity designed for IoT is the key to being able to provide these services while the vessel is at sea and out of range of cellular signals.

KVH Watch is an IoT Connectivity as a Service solution that provides Flow, secure 24/7/365 machine-to-cloud satellite connectivity for remote monitoring of onboard equipment plus the ability to perform on-demand Remote Expert Interventions using video, voice, or text via KVH’s global HTS network. KVH Watch is designed for maritime equipment manufacturers, multicard service providers, and shipyards seeking affordable monthly subscription-based connectivity that L-band and cellular services cannot deliver at deep sea.

KVH is a mobile tech innovator that provides connectivity solutions for commercial maritime, leisure marine, and land mobile applications on vessels and vehicles, including the award-winning TracPhone® and TracVision® product lines, the global mini-VSAT BroadbandSM network, KVH Watch maritime IoT solutions, and AgilePlans® Connectivity as a Service (CaaS). The company’s KVH Media Group provides news, sports, and entertainment content with such brands as NEWSlink™ and SPORTSlink™.

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