Indian Naval Ship Tarkash at Helsinki for a three-day visit

INS Tarkash at Helsinki, Finland – 31 July to 3 August 2019

As part of Indian Navy’s overseas deployment to Africa, Europe and Russia, Indian Naval Ship (INS) Tarkash arrived at Helsinki, Finland on 31 July 2019 for a three-day visit. The Ship is part of the Indian Navy’s Western Fleet and is under the operational Command of Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command, (based at Mumbai). Vice Admiral Mr. Ajit Kumar. He will lead the Indian Navy delegation during the visit. Vice Admiral Ajit Kumar met the Deputy Mayor of Helsinki, Mr. Tomi Sevander and will call on Mr. Jukka Juusti, Permanent Secretary of Defence.

INS Tarkash is a ‘stealth’ frigate commissioned into the Indian Navy on 9 November 2012 and incorporates latest stealth features. INS Tarkash, commanded by Captain Sathish Vasudev, carries weapons and sensors and is manned by a crew of over 250, including 30 Officers, making it one of the most important platforms of the Indian Navy.

The Ship will be open for visitors on 1 August 2019 from 1000-1230 hrs at LHB Quay at Hernesaari Artholmen harbour, Hernematalankatu 6, Helsinki.

According to the Indian Embassy, Dignitaries and government officials of Finland, diplomatic corps, Indian Community and friends of India are scheduled to visit INS Tarkash while it is docked in the port of Helsinki. Professional interactions are planned with the Finnish Navy and Coast Guard to further enhance bilateral cooperation. Social engagements, sports event and sharing of best practices have been organised for the crew. They will also visit important landmarks in the City of Helsinki.

The Indian Embassy commented that Finland and India have traditionally enjoyed warm and friendly relations. Bilateral agenda and cooperation is diversifying. The visit of INS Tarkash is one of the highlights of events to celebrate 70 years of India-Finland diplomatic relations this year.

“Indian Navy Ships are regularly deployed as part of Indian Navy’s mission of building ‘bridges of friendship’ and strengthening international cooperation with friendly countries as well as to address maritime concerns. The ship’s visit to Finland comes amidst shared maritime interests and deepening bilateral ties.”

Maritime Week Americas 2019

Maritime Week Americas is a hugely popular week-long series of events created to bring together bunker suppliers, traders and buyers – and related maritime professionals – from all over the world.

This year it takes place overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a stones’ throw from Port Everglades, one of the most important cruise, petroleum and container ports in the Americas.

MWA 2019 comprises a high-level two-day marine bunker conference, a specialist training course on bunker claims management, a seminar on price risk management and an IMO 2020 workshop. MWA 2019 also guarantees some of the most spectacular networking events in the bunker industry.

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MegaRust 2019

MegaRust is conducted annually to provide a consolidated focus on Navy corrosion issues. Corrosion is a major factor in the readiness and total ownership cost of naval systems and this conference is intended to provide updated information on programs, policies, standards and Fleet experience related to corrosion and to promote discussion and sharing of information on technologies and strategies for controlling corrosion.
The conference provides an impartial forum for dialogue between government and commercial organizations, and providers of coatings and corrosion control products, processes, technologies and solutions. Participants include representatives from military, industry, and government organizations involved with research and development, design, engineering, construction, maintenance, modernization and operation of naval systems that are potentially affected by corrosion. The conference covers all segments of the naval services including sea, air, Marine Corps, vehicles, and facilities.

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Commercial Marine Expo

  • Commercial vessel owners and operators
  • Tug/tow owners and operators
  • Navy, Coast Guard, and port security personnel
  • Fishing vessel owners and operators
  • Commercial fishermen
  • Passenger vessel owners and operators
  • Charter boat owners and fleet operators
  • Shipyards and commercial boatbuilders
  • Engineers and architects
  • Equipment manufacturers and distributors
  • Port authorities and port engineers
  • Harbormasters
  • Boat yard operators
  • Marine surveyors
  • Military buyers
  • Government officials
  • Academics
  • Wind Energy Producers
  • Others involved in the multi-faceted Marine Industry

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IMDEX Asia 2019 – Marine Defence Exhibition

Coming to its 12th edition, the biennial IMDEX Asia is Asia Pacific’s premier international maritime defence show and a must-attend event in the global naval and maritime security calendar. With established conferences and real-time discussions on maritime security, IMDEX Asia draw a plethora of global leaders and distinguished guests.

The success of the 2017 show reinforces IMDEX Asia’s position as a must-attend event in the global maritime and defence calendar:

10,600 trade visitors from 69 countries/regions
73 VIP delegations from 45 countries
Over 230 participating companies from 29 countries
Over 630 business meetings took place between exhibitors and the VIP delegations
For 2019, we are honoured to welcome the presence of:

33 navies from around the world including 16 navy chiefs and 17 navies with their representatives
6 coast guards and maritime agencies including 4 director generals and 2 representatives

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Cogoport adds new product in major boost for Indian importers

•Leading digital freight platform expands for imports from China
Mumbai, India; Monday 13th May 2019: Cogoport, India’s leading digital freight logistics business, has announced a major expansion of services to now accommodate imports from Asia in a boost for customers across the country. Cogoport has now added a wide-selection of services for Asian route into India – beginning with ports from China and to be followed by others across the Asia region.

Cogoport has already established itself as the leading digital platform for Indian customers to major ports across the globe and is now offering competitive freight rates for bookings of import containers across major shipping lines. The announcement provides further impetus to Cogoport’s growing customer base, which already includes more than 10,000 shippers with import requirements.

Purnendu Shekhar, founder and CEO of Cogoport says: “Our customers tell us that Cogoport is already saving them between 10-15% on their logistics costs and around 40-man hours per booking for export shipments. With the launch of this imports product, a natural second phase progression for our digital platform, we are meeting demand from importers who can now harness our technology for an efficient, cost-effective and transparent freight shipping process. With just a couple of clicks importers can now benefit from an immediate choice of comparative prices from a range of premium shipping lines on our Cogoport platform, and at the same time be rewarded for being partners in this digital transformation.”

Cogoport says it has had a huge demand for inbound shipment services, notably from China into India, and can now also satisfy significant demand for those cargo shipments, with other points soon to follow across Asia.

The Cogoport digital logistics marketplace was launched in 2017 and has been growing at 25% per month by removing the traditional, lengthy and cumbersome offline quotation and booking process. It uses ground-breaking technology, algorithms and analytics to enable its users to move freight faster and more efficiently – with a choice of providers on port pairs, dedicated back-end booking confirmation and seamless shipment tracking.

In less than two years, Cogoport has already attracted more than 25,000 registered exporters and importers, largely but not exclusively small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), with pricing from over 40 major international shipping line partners. It also works with more than 40 non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs) and 300 freight forwarders.

Users not only benefit from faster decision-making, transparent pricing and lower shipping costs but also automatically earn rewards on future shipments and from 90+ brand partners.

About Cogoport
Cogoport launched its innovative digital freight marketplace in 2017, transforming the way customers had previously booked their cargo shipments.

The Cogoport web platform removes the complexity that otherwise exists in the process of shipping containers – offering a comparative list of transparent pricing from shipping line providers on city pairs across the globe. This single online platform has already attracted 25,000 registered customers, who can select their best solution in minutes, reducing the time previously spent on booking shipments, unnecessary complexity and their costs. Users can track the progress of their consignment at every stage of its journey, in real time, making life simpler for all involved in the logistics chain.

Headquartered in Mumbai, and now with 12 offices across India and the Netherlands, Cogoport already employs 450 people and is growing on average by 25% month on month. More information can be found at:

MT AQUALOYALTY at Pascagoula, Incident Update

A news release from Unisea Shipping, managers of the MT AQUALOYALTY:


Managed Aframax Tanker, Incident Update

Athens, April 24, 2019 – Our managed Aframax tanker, AQUALOYALTY, has successfully completed her discharge operations without any problems in Pascagoula.

The vessel unexpectedly lost power on Sunday while approaching the terminal and softly touched bottom. Appropriate action was taken to restore power to the vessel. After the tanker was refloated it proceeded to the discharge berth.

There were no injuries to the crew, no damage to the vessel and no pollution to the environment.

The cause of the unexpected loss of power has been identified and dealt with.

“We are pleased that the vessel reached her berth without further problems and that discharge of the cargo has been completed” said Jesse Lewis, the company’s media consultant.

“Unisea would like to thank the US Coast Guard Sector at Mobile as well as others who assisted us resolving this incident.”

“The US Coast Guard’s professional assistance contributed to the resolution of this incident in a timely and smooth manner,” Lewis said.

The Captain of the managed tanker is 44 years old, and has been at sea for 16 years as a watch-keeping Officer, 10 of them in command on ocean-going tankers and 7 years sailing with the Company.


Avoiding Bottlenecks in your Supply Chain

It’s easy to visualize your supply chain as a river, flowing from one point to another. Along the way, it can branch out into various tributaries — but like running water, any item in the supply chain will find its way to its destination eventually. Yet just as a dam can hold back the flow and slow it down, your processes can be encumbered by bottlenecks. There are many reasons why a bottleneck may develop in your logistics, but the effects it can have are all negative. If left unaddressed, they can cause delays, hurt productivity and waste resources. None of these is good for your business’s bottom line, which means it’s crucial to know what causes them and how to address them.

For example, a common source of these issues is a lack of communication. When expectations aren’t effectively communicated down the chain, it can create confusion. That leads to mistakes and assumptions being made that can disrupt the entire process. When there is an environment of openness between management and personnel, instructions will come through with greater clarity. Additionally, workers have the ability to communicate any potential problems they see before they have a chance to harm operations.

For these and other ideas about preventing bottlenecks in your processes, see the accompanying infographic provided by Vigilant GTS

Le plus grand tanker brise-glace mis à l’eau pour le compte d’un armateur grec

Le premier brise-glace spécialisé dans le transport de produits pétroliers a été mis à l’eau en Chine pour le compte d’un armateur grec.

Le pétrolier peut transporter du gaz liquéfié dans les eaux glacées de l’Arctique, à tout moment de l’année, même à des températures de -60 degrés Celsius.

Le navire est de classe Arc7, ce qui signifie qu’il peut pénétrer dans 2 mètres de glace et 15 mètres de crêtes de glace. Il a été construit en Chine par le chantier naval de Guangzhou International et porte le nom de Boris Sokolov.

Le navire peut transporter 45 000 tonnes de gaz liquide, sa longueur est de 214 mètres, et sa largeur de 34 mètres. Il naviguera sous pavillon chypriote.