Prologis names Letter to new capital deployment role

Prologis facility in Coventry, United Kingdom

Logistics real estate titan Prologis Inc. (NYSE:PLD) said Thursday that it has named Dan Letter to the newly created post of global head of capital deployment, a move that reflects the growing complexity of the company’s business and its unconventional organizational reporting style.

Letter, who assumed the role on Jan. 1, takes on a large part of Prologis’ chief investment officer’s responsibilities. Letter will report to Eugene F. Reilly, the company’s current CIO. Reilly and Letter will...

Port of Long Beach pads record book

The Port of Long Beach’s busiest year ever is in the books, with more than 8.1 million container units moved in 2020.

Two other records were achieved: December, with 815,885 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) moved, was the busiest month ever and Q4 was the busiest quarter in the port’s 110-year history with 2,406,010 TEUs handled.

The port said that despite “economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing trade war with China,” it handled a total of 8,113,315 TEUs in 2020,...

Port Of Long Beach Expands COVID-19 Test Center Operation For Workers

Port Of Long Beach Expands COVID-19 Test Center Operation For Workers

A COVID-19 testing site for workers at the Port of Long Beach is expanding its operation to include more weekday evening hours and add a Saturday shift thanks to financial support from the Pacific Maritime Association.

The Harbor District location created in August by the Port of Long Beach has seen rising demand for tests amid the recent surge in cases of COVID-19.

The PMA’s partnership allows the site to stay open for two additional hours each evening and to open on Saturdays. Effective...

COVID19 Causing Permanent Changes To the Global Workforce

  • Reports suggest that pandemic related changes in the global workforce likely to be permanent
  • Employment loss is triggering a fiscal gap amongst the rich and the poor 
  • People are likely to opt for work from home opportunities.
  • International Travel levels unlikely go back to prepandemic levels. 
  • Industries unlikely to be as dynamic as before.

According to a Reuters report,  sweeping changes to the global labour market caused by the coronavirus pandemic will likely be permanent, policy makers...

Europe Entering Catastrophic COVID Phase With Death Toll Rising To  600,000

More than 600,000 people have died of coronavirus in Europe, according to the official statistics tabulated by Worldometer, which includes Russia in its count. The continent surpassed the horrific marker earlier this week, reports the Word Socialist Web Site. 

100,000 Deaths in Every 3 Weeks

Every three weeks another approximately 100,000 people are dying from the virus on the continent. The total of 300,000 deaths was passed near November 10; 400,000 at the end of that month; and half a million...

12 More Nations On Temporary Ban For Crew Changes

The Philippine Government added 12 more nations to the growing number of countries barred from taking crew change activities in any of the Philippine’s crew change hubs. The number has now grew to 33, says an article published in safety4sea.

What Happened?

From 21 countries at the start of January, the number grew to 33 with the addition of Pakistan, Jamaica, Luxembourg, Oman, and the People’s Republic of China. Below you may find a full list of the identified countries.

All vessels coming from...

Study Finds Previous COVID Infection Provides Same Immunity As Vaccines

  • A PHE study tracked cases of coronavirus reinfections among healthcare workers 
  • Just 44 people caught the virus again out of 6,614 previously infected people 
  • Of the 44 people, just 15 of them developed symptoms, study data reveals 
  • Experts say previous infection gives 94% protection against symptomatic reinfection and 83% reduced risk for all infections 
  • However this might not be effective for asymptomatic people

According to an article published in the Daily Mail UK, people previously...

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