Ørsted optimises offshore wind installation

This leading-edge technology represents one of the greatest advancements yet in offshore wind foundation installation methodology.

Ørsted is already implementing a range of effective protective measures during offshore wind farm construction, including limiting the duration, intensity, or extent of certain offshore construction activities.

“This new technology is a potential game changer for how we build offshore wind.”

The new installation method allows Ørsted to further reduce the potential...


Did maritime careers conquer?

Over 280 students visited Seawork 2024, exploring the exhibition, talking to companies, and attending the Careers Fair.

In collaboration with Maritime UK Solent and Solent Partners, the Seawork Training and Careers Day began with ‘Commercial Marine’s Got Talent,’ where students heard young professionals share their career paths. Twenty-four companies showcased opportunities at the Careers Fair.

Here’s what the students and their teachers thought:

“A wonderfully informative event that inspired my...


Latvians showcase first-ever fully-functioning 5G maritime connectivity concept

Latvian mobile innovator and telco operator LMT, in collaboration with Latvian port technical services provider LVR Fleet, has conducted a successful 5G maritime connectivity concept demonstration. It showcased fully functioning 5G network connectivity from shore to ship, between ships, and between...


The UK has a shipping pollution problem. Is the new government ready to solve it?

Blánaid Sheeran, Opportunity Green’s policy officer, explains why the new UK government has all evidence it needs to support a wider Emissions Control Area. A recent study by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) demonstrates severe air pollution problems in UK waters, due to...


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